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Mom's Meals Review

Mom's Meals packaged lunches

Our team recently reviewed Mom’s Meals to give you the scoop on this senior meal delivery service…what we thought of smell, taste, health, value and how they compare to other senior-friendly meal options. First, here’s a little background on Mom’s Meals, then we’ll share our findings.

Mom’s Meals’ tagline is “Nourishing Independence”. They provide fresh-made home delivered meals nationwide. In the area where Aging Wisely and EasyLiving serve clients (Pinellas and Pasco counties in Florida) several of the Medicaid managed care providers contract with Mom’s Meals to provide meals for the elderly clients they serve. Mom’s Meals are used in an array of situations: healthcare providers may recommend Mom’s Meals after a hospital stay, family caregivers might purchase them (or gift certificates) for loved ones, or older clients might order them for convenience or health reasons (special diets).

  • They offer over 60 meal choices. Mom’s Meals has gluten-free meals (not prepared in a seprarate gluten-free kitchen, though) and meals for special diets (such as diabetic and heart healthy). They also offer pureed meals for those with swallowing difficulties. They do offer vegetarian and some vegan selections.
  • Meals stay fresh for up to 14 days in the refrigerator.
  • The meals are all prepared; they just need to be heated in the microwave or oven (see more on this in our comments).
  • Most meals are $6.49 each (pureed meals are usually $7.49). Shipping and handling is $14.95 per order of 7, 10, 14 or 21 meals (flat rate).
  • You can order via phone or their website. There are different options for ordering and billing (for example, a family member can pay for the meals for a loved one and you can have meals auto-shipped) and they deliver to all 48 states in the continental U.S., even remote/rural areas.


The Mom’s Meals Tasting

Our team believes in really understanding services we recommend so we wanted to taste Mom’s Meals for ourselves and compare them to other meal delivery and convenient meal options we’ve tried. We ordered a wide array of 16 meals, including beef pot pie, vegetable and potato skillet, roasted white chicken in jerk sauce, mini pancakes and turkey sausage and even pureed French toast. Overall, our team was somewhat disappointed in Mom’s Meals (about half would recommend them, but generally felt there are better choices most times). Here’s some specific feedback:

Appearance (2.8 out of 5)

  • “Comparable to various frozen meals; the fruit medley was very liquidy.”
  • “Noodles and meat were not attractive.”
  • “The turkey sausage was in a lump that looked like cat litter but looked fine once stirred up.”
  • “Colors were attractive and arrangement was neat and appealing.”



Smell (2.5 out of 5)

  • “No smell.”; “No distinctive smell.”; “It smelled ‘normal’.”
  • “Smell is good.”; “Appetizing.”

Taste (2.9 out of 5)

  • A number of people commented that the meals were bland for them.
  • “No seasoning at all. Omelet was rubbery and tasted pre-made and previously frozen.”
  • One person commented that it was tasty (after adding some extra seasoning) and “ate it all” while a couple others liked certain parts of the meal (for example, the meat was too chewy for one taster to eat but the vegetable was good).

Mom's Meals tastingValue (yes: 2, no: 9)

  • Generally the portions were considered adequate.
  • Most felt that other comparable options would be a better value (“I would prefer Lean Cuisine.”, “Choices are available at the grocery store for 1/2 the price.”) However some felt that the value might be there for special diets or thought the price was good but not with the added shipping cost.


Getting the food in and out of the microwave could be difficult for some clients; when putting the meal in you had to peel a corner or part of the cover off and you’d probably need hot pads to handle the heated meal.  None of the meals really heated well within the time on the directions. When there was a meat in one section and a vegetable in the other, the meat was cold if the vegetables were right, or if you heated the meat completely the vegetables were overcooked.

Ordering was easy and the meals arrived as expected.



Generally, the group was not overally impressed by Mom’s Meals. Half would possibly recommend Mom’s Meals, for certain circumstances.

Nine out of the 11 tasters felt it was not worth the price for the convenience/in comparison to other options. However, one reviewer shared: “This is better than Meals on Wheels. I’d recommend it if there weren’t any other choices. Some Publix stores deliver and there are pre-packaged and frozen options that are less expensive and better tasting.” As another shared, “If a family member was managing food selections from afar this could be a good option…better control than grocery store frozen meals.” Some of the team noted the meals seemed unnecessarily high in sugar, carbs and sodium.

Mom’s Meals can be a good option for special diets, convenience for long-distance family members and when covered as part of subsidized programs. They also might be the best option for rural elders with limited access to other choices.

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If your loved one is in the Tampa Bay area, contact our team for a wide array of senior meal options and other recommendations, or to set up personalized meal preparation services from our EasyLiving caregivers.


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