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Professional Spotlight: Dr. Michael O’Neal, Concierge Medicine


Tampa Bay concierge physician

This month we are celebrating our healthcare providers by sharing with you some of the great team members that contribute to our clients’ excellent care. Today, we have the pleasure of talking about Dr. Michael O’Neal, a groundbreaking doctor with a different approach to patient care. He founded Cooperative Med, a concierge medicine practice serving Tampa Bay.

Background: Dr. Michael O’Neal

Dr. O’Neal received his undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida (USF) and attended medical school at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. He completed residency training at USF College of Medicine, where he was elected the Chief Resident. Dr. O’Neal has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and received awards for his scholarly achievements, research, and contributions. He was 1 of only 15 national physicians to receive the American Medical Association (AMA) Young Physician Leadership Award.

About Cooperative Med, Concierge Medicine in Tampa Bay

CooperativeMed, founded in 2002 by Dr. Michael O’Neal, is a pioneer in the development of concierge (also known as membership/boutique) medical practices. Dr. O’Neal is credited with developing the first concierge medical practice in the U.S. created from scratch (non-transitioned). Concierge medicine offers a low volume practice setting which allows the physician to devote more time and energy to each patient, individualizing care.

Dr. O’Neal wanted to create a different option for those dissatisfied with today’s high-volume, managed-care health care system, where physicians are compelled to care for upwards of 3,000 patients. In contrast, CooperativeMed limits the number of patient members, providing a higher level of service to fewer patients, while focusing on disease prevention, health maintenance, nutrition, lifestyle changes, patient advocacy, and high-quality care. In order to sustain a practice of only 350 patients, each member pays an annual membership fee.

“As our population continues to age, and the number of patients within traditional practices grows, it will become even more important for medically complex individuals to consider concierge care in order to receive the desired level of service, and arguably the desired level of care,” states Dr. O’Neal.  “One of the greatest values to being a member of a concierge medical practice is that the physician is more capable of being a patient advocate, which becomes even more relevant as we grow older, accumulate medical problems, and need more medical attention and care oversight.”

The Benefits of Working with Dr. O’Neal

The Aging Wisely team appreciates Dr. O’Neal’s collaborative approach to healthcare. Each patient is encouraged to be a proactive participant, targeting health care goals in partnership with the physician and other involved professionals.

Dr. O’Neal prides himself on developing nurturing relationships with patients and fulfilling their previously unmet health care needs. Cooperative Med’s concept blends modern medical technology (micronutrient and genetic testing, sophisticated cholesterol profiling, use of technology to extend care such as virtual visits via your iPad or iPhone) with traditional philosophies (home visits, advocacy, more face time with the physician and less wait time).

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. O’Neal for a number of our Aging Wisely and EasyLiving clients. As Care Manager Julie Scott shares, “I, as well as my clients, feel he goes beyond the scope of medical treatment to remain in tune with the whole patient, which makes the difference between compliance and non-compliance, treatment or no treatment and feeling good about whatever decision is made…”. Julie explains that Dr. O’Neal not only respects patient wishes but takes the time to discuss options with them and weigh pros and cons, not only medically but socially, emotionally and with regards to potential outcomes. By making home visits to elder patients, Dr. O’Neal adds a level of convenience to their lives, but is also better able to assess their situation and get to know them.

The results of the collaborative approach are clear for patients and their families, as Dr. O’Neal shares: “Over the past 13 years, there have been numerous instances where the in-home physician care we provide and advocacy, combined with the services provided by Aging Wisely, were able to keep people safely in their homes. I frequently see examples of the Aging Wisely and CooperativeMed collaboration reducing the emotional burden placed on a family who often assumes the care and decision making for their elderly parents.”

Looking to The Future of Healthcare and Eldercare

As the health care climate changes, CooperativeMed continues to be a leader in the field of concierge medicine. Dr. O’Neal explains some of the recent developments to better meet patients’ holistic needs, “We have recently introduced a novel TeleHealth program that allows for remote patient monitoring and the transfer of diagnostic data to the physician. We have also created a concierge dental program, a TelePsych program, and added private physical therapy for aggressive in-home therapy.”

To learn more, check out Dr. Michael O’Neal and Cooperative Med concierge medicine online or contact us for more information and ways our Aging Wisely team can put the best care team in place for you!

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