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Gifts for Seniors

It can be particularly difficult to find appropriate and appreciated gifts for our elderly relatives, friends, or clients who are dealing with health issues or living in an assisted living or nursing environment. Here are some ideas that may help get you started as well as some online resources for gifts and sites geared toward seniors:

  • Photo albums, framed pictures (you may even consider “talking” frames which allow you to record a personalized greeting to be replayed or digital frames which allow you to send and update pictures electronically).
  • A divided box filled with greeting cards for various occasions (These can be purchased pre-packaged at card or large discount stores or homemade. Make sure to include birthday, thank you, sympathy, get-well, and blank cards and you may wish to enclose stamps.).
  • Plants (check with facilities on space and safety regulations).
  • Soaps and lotions.
  • Tissues/decorative tissue holders.
  • Homemade treats such as cookies or snack mix (check dietary restrictions).
  • Holiday decorations to personalize the room.
  • Bring in a nice meal or favorite family treats. Or, plan a time to get together to prepare an old family recipe together so your loved one can share their memories and provide input on the cooking/baking. For someone who lives at home whom you will not be able to see during the holidays, consider sending pre-made meals.
  • Phone cards.
  • Anything homemade, especially from grandchildren (pictures, poems, crafts).
  • Consider a special visit or outing, especially with the grandchildren (i.e. a trip out to see the children’s holiday show at school or church). Does your loved one enjoy plays or museums? Make special arrangements and reconnect them with a favorite pastime.
  • Large print books or books on tape. If they use a VCR or DVD player, purchase old movies or favorite shows to watch.
  • Bathrobe or housecoat, slippers (be aware of safety issues with slippers).
  • Nice blankets or warm shawls/bed jackets.
  • “Good grips” products, including can/jar opener.
  • Don’t forget the simple things or feel you must buy something more elaborate. Think of items like boxes of a preferred brand of tissues, lipstick, Vaseline, lotion, toiletries, household items, a nice new set of sheets or a holiday pin.
  • “Photo” phone, allows you to program memory buttons and use a photo to indicate each number (see online resources).
  • Easy ways to connect via email (there is a machine you can purchase that prints emails, costs approx. $150 and $10/month for connection service…for seniors who do not want to master the computer, could really help them be in touch with younger family members) or purchase a computer and lessons for someone who might enjoy learning.
  • Purchase companionship or extra help. If someone no longer drives, hire someone to take them on outings or set up a taxi account and put money in it for rides (check with your area about innovative programs that may allow you to purchase memberships and rides via some of your local aging agencies). Hire a cleaning service for a nice holiday cleaning or ongoing services. Offer help to a caregiver so they can take a break. Contact EasyLiving, Inc. at 727-448-0900 for home care gift certificates or to set up the gift of care today.
  • Consider safety and health items, but know how your family member might react. Sometimes these items approached as a gift go over better than trying to convince the person to get these items in place themselves, but others may take offense. Two examples are personal emergency response systems (such as falls detection or monitoring systems) and medical/personal records systems (you can offer to help your loved one gather the information and set up an online system known as an EMR or PHR, organize records in a notebook or flash drive, or hire a professional care manager to assist). These are gifts for your loved ones that also give you peace of mind.

Online Stores
Products include grandparent items, 50th anniversary items, reminiscing games, large print books, and large print music.
Assistive devices, home care and health products.
Clothing for seniors and nursing home residents, including suggestions and products for problems related to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, incontinence, arthritis, and paralysis. They will put the recipient’s name in the clothing free.

Specialized and adaptive clothing and shoes. The company has been around for over 80 years and offers a full range of comfort items and caregiver-friendly clothing.

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