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Elder Care Handouts - Aging Wisely

Aging Wisely seeks to provide the best possible information regarding quality senior care for your elderly loved ones. We have put a few of our elder care handouts offering help for caregivers, our expert eldercare advice and senior care resources. All free to you!

Get the Essential Eldercare Checklist! Our #1 recommended and downloaded resource, covering the range of information and resources you need when caring for an aging parent or senior loved one. Do not miss out on this essential resource and never be unprepared again!

Click on the links below to get specific eldercare tips and answers for your most frequently asked questions. The “solutions you need”, straight from our Aging Life Care Professionals™!

“Taking Away the Car Keys”-Tips for Elderly Drivers

Am I in Denial? Eldercare Warning Signs

“Help! Mom Won’t Listen to Me!”-Eldercare Communication Tips

Guide to Memory Loss: Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Old Age–What is it?

Do you have concerns about who is taking care of your aging parents? Hired Caregiver Concerns Whitepaper

Guide to Choosing the Best Assisted Living/Senior Care Community

Getting Answers about a Loved One’s Care

Hospital Discharge Planning Checklist

Aging in Place Checklist/Tips

Checklist and Questions to Ask When Hiring a Geriatric Care Manager

Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Elders and Caregivers

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Payment Concerns
Not sure how you are going to pay for elder care?

Is the Time Right?
Find out if its time to seek help for your loved one.

Aging in Place
How to keep a loved one safe at home, and when it may be time to consider assisted living.

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