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team approach to care managementWe advocate a team approach to senior care management in all aspects.  A team approach can help reduce caregiver burnout, add different perspectives and fresh ideas and ultimately, provide a more comprehensive approach for better senior care.  Your senior care team might be larger than you think…from your siblings to Mom’s church community and neighbors as well as all the medical and direct care professional who might help.  Rallying that team support can make a big difference to you and your loved one.

When it comes to geriatric care management, Aging Wisely also uses this team approach we advocate.  First, we believe care management is a comprehensive process as reflected in our mission to enable every individual we work with to live the most fulfilling life possible, with utmost dignity, focusing on their physical, mental, spiritual, family and financial wellbeing.  We feel we serve our clients best by working cooperatively with a care team that includes not only the client and family but the many professionals who can help the client.  This also means we spend a lot of time getting to know fellow professionals in the community to understand how they can help clients and building important relationships.  This enables us to be prepared to help you in a wide array of situations.  It is also makes life a lot easier for you, so that all you have to do is reach out to us as one point of contact for many solutions.

The second aspect of our team approach is how we support each other as an internal team in caring for clients.  This means you benefit from the expertise of our diverse team.  Here’s an overview of the team approach to geriatric care management work at Aging Wisely:

  1. Our team does case reviews and brainstorming to get input on specific case needs or challenges.
  2. Our management team reviews cases several times per week to ensure we are most effectively managing client needs and to assist each other to be able to handle the varying needs of clients and crises.
  3. When your primary care manager takes time off, she provides an update and outline of needs during that time to the team members who will be covering. Your needs are met consistently during vacation or illness.
  4. Our team uses our client system, Caregivers Touch, to maintain updated client records and notes available to all team members.
  5. Our team includes a designated “On Call Care Manager” to cover nights and weekends for our clients.
  6. We work in conjunction with our EasyLiving home health team to coordinate high quality home caregiver services (in-home care, hospital sitters, transportation and more) when you need them.

What are some of the benefits to the client and family of this team approach to geriatric care management?

  1. You get the combined experience of our entire care management team to potentially offer unique solutions and approaches to your needs.  Our team members have worked in different settings, gained extra expertise in certain topics and approach problem solving differently–all of which goes in to helping you.
  2. Having a dedicated On-Call Care Manager helps ensure you have a professional ready to assist whenever a crisis arises and gives our team members the rest they need to maintain work-life balance and be fresh and ready to best help you.
  3. You get consistent care from our professional care managers (only our team members, not outside substitutes) without interruption.
  4. Most importantly, you get the peace of mind knowing you have a winning team by your side through whatever challenges you face.

If you have questions about how our geriatric care management team can help your family, we welcome your calls at 727-447-5845.

Aging Wisely Geriatric Care Management serves clients in the Tampa Bay area including Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough counties with senior care and disability concerns.

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Our goal is to enable every individual we work with to live the most fulfilling life possible, with utmost dignity, focusing on their physical, mental, spiritual, family and financial wellbeing.