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Aging Wisely’s long experience in Florida elder advocacy and patient advocate services can benefit you and your family when dealing with chronic illness, disability, or multiple medical conditions. Having a professional patient advocate helps you get the most from your health care and helps medical providers do their best for you. Health is a two way street–without the right information and good follow through on your part the best professional medical care can fall short. Our patient advocates serve as liaisons with your providers, ensuring continuity that improves care outcomes.

Having an independent, professional patient advocate can really help you and your family through emotional times such as facing a new diagnosis, going through treatments, and making tough decisions. We regularly consult with people at these times, and also assist them with insurance claims, understanding insurance coverage or Medicare and Medicaid, and finding appropriate medical providers with the expertise needed. Understanding the healthcare system, social services and community resources in Florida can be overwhelming—we take the time to get you the answers and navigate through it all.

Aging Wisely, Your Eldercare and Patient Advocate:

  • Partnering with you to manage your chronic illness such as Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Disease
  • Helping medical providers improve patient care and continuity
  • Assisting you with insurance claims and healthcare coverage
  • Locating the best medical providers
  • Health care coaching
  • Providing caregiver support & counseling
  • Attending medical appointments as your advocate
  • Communicating between providers and as applicable, family members
  • Creating and effectively using a dynamic online personal and medical record/caregiver portal to improve care continuity
  • Emergency intervention (24/7 coverage for emergency room visits or other health crises)
  • Helping ensure safe transitions of care (returning home after the hospital, getting rehabilitation or treatment after surgery, moving to a care facility)
  • Answering your questions regarding Medicare and insurance, community resources, benefits, care assistance, and planning for future needs

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