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Is your loved one beginning to have difficulty managing all the paperwork, insurance information and day to day financial affairs? Are you concerned that this may leave him or her vulnerable?

Does it seem difficult to find the time to sort through all the medical bills and organize your files as you would like to do?

Aging Wisely offers resources to help seniors, from insurance advocacy and Medicare assistance to referrals to Daily Money Managers, organizers and options to help more easily manage affairs. If your loved one is having difficulty managing paperwork, he or she may be vulnerable to scams and financial problems resulting from unpaid or mispaid bills. For seniors or anyone dealing with major health concerns, the billing and insurance processes can be overwhelming. It may help to have assistance navigating through all of this from an experienced patient advocate.

Aging Wisely’s care managers work closely with a variety of professionals, so we can help locate appropriate services for protecting your loved ones and their financial affairs. If you need resources such as CPAs, elder law attorneys, daily money managers, bookkeepers, and financial advisors, we can offer referrals to help. We also keep updated on senior services and processes that families often have questions about, such as managing mail, reporting scams and getting help when there has been financial exploitation or elder abuse.

Difficulty with paying bills or managing financial affairs is often an early sign of varying eldercare needs. It may be time to get a geriatric care management assessment to put a plan in to place to help keep your loved one as safe and independent as possible.

To learn more about these services and ways we can help call us at 727-447-5845 or click below to schedule a time to talk with our Senior Care Consultant about options and resources.

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