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Aging Wisely Seeking On-Call Care Manager-Tampa Bay, Florida - Aging Wisely

Our Aging Wisely team is looking for a responsible, dedicated On-Call Care Manager to handle our clients’ varied needs after regular business hours. Duties will include managing client emergencies (meeting clients at the emergency room, responding to calls, handling emergency room visits and other issues that arise), communicating effectively to clients’ responsible parties and regular care manager, and documenting thoroughly.

The On-Call Care Manager will cover the following hours: on-call week nights Monday-Thursday, 5 P.M. – 8:30 A.M. next day and weekends (on-call begins Friday 5 P.M. – Monday 8:30 A.M). One weekend per month will be covered by other team members so the On-Call Care Manager has one weekend free. The On-Call Care Manager will be responsible for checking phones during these hours and triaging calls, responding and following up and visiting clients when urgent needs arise. If inquiry/service calls for new clients come in during these hours, the On-Call Care Manager will also follow up to determine if urgent help is needed, or to set an appointment with Aging Wisely’s Senior Care Consultant to meet/talk with the client/family.

This position requires strong patient advocacy skills and knowledge of the healthcare system, as well as the ability to competently manage potentially high-pressure and variable situations. Important skills include: excellent communication, good documentation, triaging and identifying needs and solutions, and independent critical thinking. The On-Call Care Manager should be skilled at navigating the healthcare system and dealing with older clients and the family system. You will review notes and information left for you from the care management team for pertinent information about issues that may arise, and all of your interactions will need to be communicated and documented in our online system.

This position is salaried; salary commensurate with experience. Please fax resumes to 727-461-0001 or email to

Join a great team, providing quality services making a difference to clients and families! Get steady pay for varied, flexible work and enjoy having a significant impact helping clients and the Aging Wisely team.

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