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Choosing a Senior Care Facility - Aging Wisely

In this article, we address important questions to ask when evaluating whether a senior care community is right for your loved one with specific information on Florida senior services and tips no matter where your loved one resides.

The decision to make a life transition such as moving to a senior care facility is a major one.  It is important, first, to recognize this and the stress and feelings it can bring for the person moving.  Where feasible, a wise approach may be to think about some of the considerations below, start the process of family discussions and get input from your loved one when not under pressure of a crisis.

What are some considerations for families beginning to think about a senior care community?

  • What needs or concerns would a senior care community address (i.e. what is concerning you or troubling your loved in his/her current situation)?
  • How does your loved one feel about moving?  (recognizing that this is a process over time of considering options and processing feelings about a major life change and related losses)
  • How does a senior care community compare to other options?  (home care, community programs, support from family and friends, etc.- what alternatives are available and how well do they address your loved one’s needs?)

At the early stages of discussion, you may want to take the time to research various senior services in your community, which may have previously been unfamiliar.  We find many families are not sure of the various alternatives.  This may be an ideal time for a care consultation or geriatric care management assessment.

If your family has decided to pursue the option of a senior care community, where do you begin in the selection process?

  • Form an outline of needs, wants and priorities (i.e. what care is needed, budget, location, desired activities or space requirements, etc.).
  • Make a couple of visits (if your loved one has friends who live in a local community, a visit to them as well as hearing their story and feelings can be very helpful) to process the list above against your reactions (are your ideal requirements what it turns out you really like?).
  • Grab a copy of our guide to choosing senior housing:

Additional resources about Florida senior care communities:

Assisted Living Options in Florida

Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration’s Assisted Living Unit

Contact Aging Wisely any time at 727-447-5845 with questions about Florida Assisted Living Communities, senior care options and help with transitions.

Don’t have the luxury of time with this decision?  In a crisis?  We’re here to help-get senior care help today!

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