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Choosing an Assisted Living Facility - Aging Wisely

This is one of the toughest decisions for you and your family to make and it’s overwhelming to even know where to start. Aging Wisely helps you to assess the options and determine the right type of care facility. There are many different levels of care offered in retirement communities today and many more options than ever before. Pinellas County alone has over 200 Assisted Living Facilities. The state of Florida offers different types of licenses which allow assisted living facilities to provide varying services, and the individual facilities may also limit what services the provide.

You benefit from our expertise in carefully assessing your needs and knowing the facilities that can provide for them. We also review key aspects such as activities, personal preferences, location that are important to you and help your prioritize. Finances, costs and understanding contracts and expectations play into our discussions so you are fully informed. Not only do we help with all of this, but we can be there for you through the whole process.

Our care managers can coordinate a move including setting up movers, estate sales and real estate professionals, cancelling utilities, changing addresses, and introducing the client to the new environment and smoothing the transition. Our care managers think of all the little details—we have helped clients send a note to their friends and family announcing their move and even planned an “open house” for a client to show pride in her new surroundings and make her friends feel comfortable visiting.

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