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Aging Wisely Testimonials from Clients

Submitted by Joe Skalski, cousin of Aging Wisely client and Atlanta-area CPA/Attorney

May 2015

Aging Wisely has been a huge help to me in supporting the care my 70+ year old disabled cousin (Mary) in St. Petersburg. Mary has been able to continue living independently, largely because of Aging Wisely. I used Aging Wisely to help Mary back in the early 2000s to assist with some life decisions. Mary’s parents provided for her care well into their 80s, but then her father died followed by her Mom’s entry into an assisted living facility that specializes in care for Alzheimer’s patients. Mary had been so dependent on her Mom and Dad after the death of her husband decades ago.

As Mary’s parents aged, there was quite a gap in her care. Some family members have pitched in here and there to help out a great deal, but of course we all have our own lives to run as well, our own work that requires time and dedication, and our own immediate family members for whom we must also dedicate time and effort.

Aging Wisely took care of getting Mary emotionally healthy to continue independent living and making sure some of her important needs were being addressed despite her disability and inability to meet certain needs on her own. Whether it came to getting her a podiatrist who does home visits, making sure her laundry is done or having someone assist her with grocery shopping, I can rest assured that my cousin is being taken care of despite the 500 miles that separate us.

Mary consistently gives me great feedback on her interactions with Aging Wisely staff and the personal care helpers they have coordinated for her. She has gone from a state of constant fear for the future to one where she looks forward with a degree of confidence she never had before. This is largely attributable to the way that Aging Wisely has been able to supplement the care given by Aging Wisely. And their regularity of reporting to me has been quite a comfort.

Submitted by Lynn, Tampa Bay financial advisor

June 2013

Aging Wisely has helped many of my clients and their families through the years. I continue to use the many services provided by Aging Wisely and the affiliated companies.

Many families have relatives who can’t be available to their elderly. The services that your organizations provide are outstanding. Every case worker has been of the highest caliber.

You have saved the emotional and physical lives of many of my clients.

Thank you for your continuing service to our community.

Submitted by Jane, niece of Aging Wisely Client

October 2012

Knowledgeable. Compassionate. Skilful. Tenacious. Humorous. Empathic. Straightforward. And sparklingly clear. These qualities, and more, constitute the tool box – or I should say, treasure chest – of advocacy and expertise Sue Lewis brought to the care of my Uncle Ed in his last year of life. She used every single one of those qualities to manage the care of a wonderful, complicated, and difficult man who was profoundly anxious about his failing physical health and the legacy he wanted to leave to his large extended family. And to make it possible for me, his niece by marriage and his power of attorney, to stay sane, supported, and yet deeply engaged with his care from 900 miles away. Sue was absolutely tireless in guiding him and me in critical and sometimes heart-rending decisions; in establishing and coordinating a care team that included 24/7 aides, staff in the skilled nursing facility where he lived for his last six months, numerous doctors and other health care providers, and hospice; in immediately and effectively
addressing any shortcomings in his care and numerous complications with medical providers and insurance; and keeping communication and counsel with a small group of close friends and family.

My uncle died August 18, 2012, with Sue and his closest confidant Al, who had become a staunch ally of Sue’s, by his side. In large part because of Sue, my uncle’s last months and moments were lived with dignity and respect, and I will be grateful for that as long as I live.

Thank you, Sue, and thank you, Aging Wisely, for a level and quality of service far beyond my words to express.

Jane Horine

Submitted by Ken, son of Aging Wisely Client
January 2011

My father is 82 years old. He has Parkinson’s, dementia and signs of Lewy Body Syndrome. His condition deteriorated instantly as a result of a simple infection. Within two weeks he became aggressive, agitated, fearful, hallucinating almost constantly. Trying to treat this condition, his doctors, a general practitioner and a neurologist, gave a variety of medications which over the course of the next two weeks basically made him comatose, during my visits I literally could not wake him up. He went from 145 pounds down to 115 pounds.

A fortunate conversation with our attorney led to a referral to Aging Wisely which has been a god send to my father and my family. Aging Wisely got appointments with two specialists, a psychiatrist and a neurologist, appointments which both myself and our general practitioner were not able to get. Our Aging Wisely representative attended the appointments, coordinated their treatment and monitored my father’s progress. The two specialists took my father off literally every medication he had been taking and started a completely new regimen. As a result, my father returned to ‘normal’, walking again, responsive, conversational, almost entirely free of hallucinations. The nursing home said they had never seen a recovery like his before. Our Aging Wisely representative found an Assisted Living facility for my father and we were able to move him there two months ago; this is a great improvement over the nursing home.

I am confident that without the assistance we received from Aging Wisely, my father never would have recovered. We continue to use Aging Wisely to monitor and coordinate my father’s care, their expertise benefits my father but also gives the rest of our family peace of mind that everything that can be done, is being done.

I’d be pleased to speak with anyone facing the same distress we were in before we found Aging Wisely.


Submitted by Kevin, son of Aging Wisely Client
March 29th, 2010

Dear Linda:

I am writing on behalf of my family members to express our deep appreciation for everything Sue Lewis has done for our Mother, Mary E. Connelly and our family since August of 2009. When Mom fell and broke her hip in June of 2009, it became quite clear that we were in need of help with the many doctor’s appointments, driving, day to day activities and also emotional support. At first, Mom rejected the notion of a Care Manager, but after her first meeting with Sue she was hooked on the ideal. The bond and friendship was immediate!

Sue was an Angel brought to our Mom and she was with us every step of the way. The past two months of Mom’s life were not easy, as she was struggling from the affects of a mild stroked, the loss of driving privileges’ and eventually being admitted to Bay Care Alliant as she fought theta infection on her heart valve and the renal failure. Sue provided us with support, comfort and updates on medical status, but more importantly she was there to help Mom deal with the emotional stress and depression that she was having.

When it was becoming evident that Mom’s condition was worsening, it was Sue who provided me, one of two medical surrogates, the clarity and support I needed to deal with the doctors and family members. After the decision was made to suspend medical care on Tuesday evening, Sue was at the hospital Wednesday morning at 6 am consoling family members and making sure the proper care was being provided. Sue stayed with our mom and family for the next 24 hours and was by her side when she passed. When we all gathered Thursday am it was Sue who was again providing the comfort and support to all the family members.

Over the next few days Sue attended the family gatherings, viewing, funeral and burial – she was our adopted number “6” daughter. At all these gatherings, Sue was there for the many Grandchildren and assorted family members, providing so much comfort to all.

I have tried my best to let you know what Sue has meant to our Mom over the past months and our family, unfortunately, words cannot properly describe what Sue has meant to us all. She really was an angel brought to us by God. We are blessed to have special people brought into our lives; Sue Lewis is one of those special people.

God Bless;

Kevin J. Connelly

Submitted by Mark, son of Aging Wisely Client
March 23, 2010

Dear Ms. Chamberlain

I want to bring to your attention the superb and skillful work that Julie Scott provided during a critical time of transition for our mother, Berth Janci. Like many families, we are a group of caring siblings who happen to be spread out across the country. My mother is fortunate that our sister Christine lives nearby, but we noticed that Christine’s reserves were quickly becoming depleted due to the constant attention she was giving to our mother.

Bertha was diagnosed with multiple myelomas nearly five years ago and fought to live her life in many remarkable ways. In recent months, we noticed that it was no longer safe for her to live alone in her home. Julie was a tremendous help in navigating a pathway to assisted-living. Julie spent focused time with our mother and also was a great help to me as I negotiated the various scenarios and we sought to give Bertha the respect and encouragement regarding this time of transition.

Julie was especially helpful as we all few in for a “loving intervention”. If it were not for Julie’s one-on-one time with our mother, and the wise counsel and respect she gave to Bertha, I am convinced we would still be stuck…and sick with worry.

Instead, Julie empowered Bertha to face the next chapter of her life. She also coached us on how to have a loving intervention, and finally went one-on-one with Bertha to visit assisted living facilities that were well within her financial means. This is quite a success story because our mother moved into a wonderful assisted living facility within one month of our all family fly in.

We owe a great deal of appreciation to Julie Scott for her caring and kind assistance. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, I hope other families will have the opportunity to benefit from Aging Wisely and the unique skill-set of your geriatric care managers.

Warmest regards,

Mark P Janci, CFP, AIF

Submitted by Joan, daughter of Aging Wisely clients.

Where do I begin? Let me begin by thanking you for being there in April when I first made the call to you. Right from the beginning you were there for my family and me. You made me feel that I had personally known you for years. We know what an impression that made on my dad!!!

I do know that what I received was a miracle. It is so difficult to live so far away from my parents when so much was and is still going on. I should have written down all the times I was amazed and grateful at what Juliet (care manager) handled. In addition to always accompanying my mom each time she was moved, which we know were many, she was always there for my phone calls. The communication and thoroughness around my mom’s medical condition gave me more knowledge than if I were there myself. Every time I would speak to Juliet she would always make me feel that I was the top on her list of priorities, what a gift.

It is hard to believe it has been six months since my mom became sick. As I reflect back over that time I realize that each time I went down to Florida I was freed up to spend all my time with my parents, mostly with my mom. I never had to handle all the STUFF, because Juliet handled it.

Thank you for Juliet.

Submitted by: An Aging Wisely client’s daughter

I would be very happy to provide you with a summary of how you have helped us.

First of all you were wonderful with our Dad and helped us when Dad was in the Nursing Home and the Hospital-knowing you and Aging Wisely were there when we were not able to be. Also we all appreciate the daily or whenever necessary up to date E-Mail that kept us informed on Dad problems, and what both the Hospital and nursing home were doing or not doing for Dad.

Finally and most important was the way you were able to help our Mom and us when it came to Dad’s Funeral arrangements. By the time we had arrived in Florida everything was completed. We are glad that both you and Julie have a good relationship with Mom and because of that relationship things are being accomplished and enables Mom to live a better life. But I think the main thing is knowing that there is someone there to make sure everything is all right with Mom or if something goes wrong, that we will be informed.

Again thanks for all you help.

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