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Sample Case Management Notes - Aging Wisely

Is the Time Righ

These sample case notes demonstrate some of the types of situations we deal with as geriatric care managers and some of the interventions we offer elders and caregivers. Geriatric care management can address a wide variety of elder care situations and provide services ranging from professional consulting to patient advocacy, care coordination and geriatric case management. You can click on the links below to pull up the sample case notes from each of these cases to understand more details about the interventions and accomplishments.

Journal Notes – Transitioning from Home to Assisted Living

This client’s family engaged Aging Wisely’s help after finding their mother in deplorable conditions, and assisting her to clean her place. They were concerned about her ongoing ability to live independently and maintain a healthy environment. A neighbor had contacted the housing inspector and these case notes pick up where the geriatric care manager had been contacted by the family to attend this inspection and formulate a plan to begin working with client towards alternative living arrangements in assisted living. The geriatric care manager was successful in a short time in working with the client and family and facilitating a move, and assisting client during the transition.

Journal Notes – Managing Elder Care at Home

These sample journal notes are from a couple who Aging Wisely worked with over a number of years. They lived at home with 24 hour home health care and Aging Wisely assisted their trust officer in ensuring their wellbeing. As the notes illustrate, Aging Wisely can help to monitor in home care, coordinate repair services and protect vulnerable clients, arrange for respite care or alternative placements when needed, and oversee the many issues faced by clients with dementia. The care manager also focuses on quality of life, as shown here in making sure clients had holiday visits and gifts and helping ease their anxieties. Geriatric care management brings together the comprehensive needs of elderly clients, contributing to better results for the elder clients as well as their family members or professional advisors.

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