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You face complex issues related to aging or disability—you come to us for answers and guidance. We approach each situation with compassion and empathy, and we look at all the factors that affect your choices and decisions. The long term care maze can overwhelm a family in crisis, or keep you from effectively planning ahead. Our job is to know how to navigate through that maze with you, and to provide education and advice relevant to your situation. Many families come to us after searching for answers and unfortunately becoming very frustrated. Often, the initial conversation eases the tension as they hear that we listen and provide the answers you have been looking for too long.

Here are just a few examples of areas where we can provide guidance:

  • Understanding your loved one’s illness
  • Dementia: diagnosis, treatment, preparing, coping
  • Caregiver support and counseling
  • Family conflict intervention
  • Grief counseling & end of life care planning
  • Navigating the system of care
  • Approaching loved ones that need help
  • Concerns regarding loved one’s safety driving

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to enable every individual we work with to live the most fulfilling life possible, with utmost dignity, focusing on their physical, mental, spiritual, family and financial wellbeing.