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Country Music Star Martina McBride Announces Unique Senior Living Center - Aging Wisely

Senior living in Nashville is about to get a lot more fun for retiring country music musicians. Country singer Martina McBride, member of the Crescendo Music Community Fund (CMCF), a non-profit group of professionals in the music industry, announced plans to build a brand-new kind of senior living center.

After almost a decade of planning, the CMCF is announcing its intention to build a $95 million dollar senior living facility that is a little more… rockin’ than your average home for senior care. The Crescendo will offer residents of its 180 condominiums the chance to utilize an in-house recording studio, performance hall, or even to attend one of many country music-themed workshops.

As McBride said in a recent interview with Dial-Global, “I do think that it’s gonna be the first of its kind. It places great importance on keeping people who live here involved with Music Row and feeling like they’re still involved in the music industry with things like songwriting workshops to a place to be able to perform if they want to a recording studio where they can still record music … It’s just very unique, and I think it really will fit the needs of so many people who have been involved in the music industry in such a special way.”

The senior living center, scheduled to open in 2013, will offer three levels of care and prices ranging from $300,000 to $650,000 depending on condo square footage. Financial assistance will be available for those who qualify.

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