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Document Locator List - Aging Wisely

The following list provides a starting point for organizing and gathering the information you might need to take care of family members who becomes ill, or at the time of death.

  • Name, address, and telephone number of parent’s attorney(s).
  • Location of parent’s will and any trust instruments; complete list of beneficiaries with current addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Location of copies of the parent’s living will, medical directive, or durable power of attorney with the name, address, and telephone number of the agent.
  • Details of desired funeral arrangements; location of burial plot, if any, and deed to it. Name and address of clergy, if appropriate.
  • Location of any letter of instruction listing personal property not disposed of by will and the parent’s wishes for it’s distribution.
  • Location of important papers: birth certificate, social security card, marriage and divorce certificates, education and military records, other legal documents.
  • List of bank accounts, including name, address, and telephone number of each financial institution, account numbers, location of passbooks, checkbooks, certificates of deposits.
  • List of stocks, bonds, real estate, and other investments. Name, addresses, and telephone numbers of financial planner, tax advisor, broker, and/or anyone else with knowledge of or control over finances.
  • All insurance data (health, life, auto, homeowner/renter policies; any employee benefit or pension plans), including name, address, and telephone number of each insurance company and agent, policy numbers, and locations. Location of safe-deposit box and key(s) with a list of the contents and names of anyone with access to it.
  • Location of receipts and appraisals for valuables.
  • List of active credit accounts (mortgage companies, banks, oil companies, department stores, etc.), including name and address of each company, account number, and type.
  • Complete information, including substantiating documentation, about any personal loans the parents owe or are owed.
  • Location of copies of tax returns for the past 3 years, copies of any gift or estate tax returns filed during the period.

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Information adapted from Document Locator List provided by the Foreign Service Worker Family Liaison Office.

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