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Elder Abuse Prevention Event - Aging Wisely

Seniors Virtual Conference Registration Flier 2-19-14
As elder advocates, we are always glad to share important educational information. We were recently contacted about an upcoming online event focusing on elder abuse. Please take a look at this important information and consider sharing it with others as well. This vital information does not receive enough attention.

Elder abuse remains a drastically under-reported crime because of factors such as the victim’s fear of losing independence. There are also many challenges to investigation and prosecution, so justice is often thwarted.

Here are some of the top myths that hinder the successful prosecution and investigation of criminal elder abuse:

  • Elderly people make terrible witnesses.
  • If the elderly victim refuses to provide information, nothing can be done.
  • If an elderly victim gives money voluntarily, it is not a crime.
  • If the victim is deceased, you cannot prosecute.
  • Any case where the elderly victim is involved in a home repair dispute involving money is a civil matter.
  • Suspects of elder abuse never call 911.
  • Elderly people die from natural causes, without investigation needed.

Get the real story and learn how to protect yourself or your elderly loved ones by attending a free online event April 10th 9am – 4:30pm EST. Be an advocate for elders! Register here and help the National Crime Prevention Council fight these awful crimes.

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