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Eldercare: Can You Really Prepare? - Aging Wisely

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We are passionate about helping families with elder care concerns, and part of our mission is to help families be better prepared as their loved ones age and they start the journey of caregiving.

Often caregiving seems to come upon us suddenly, and may do so as a result of a sudden illness, diagnosis or accident.  Families often speak of “getting the call” that something has happened to an aging parent or that an elderly relative has been hospitalized.  However, we all know that as we age the likelihood of these events increases and there are certain steps we can take to help us be better prepared, even for such unexpected occurrences.

You might also want to read our Eldercare & Aging Wisely Planning Tips.  We offer families an “Essential Eldercare Checklist” which we highly recommend you download and read over as a starting point for both family members concerned about aging relatives and individuals wishing to be proactive with their own eldercare and aging.

We hear from many families who have noticed some concerns when visiting an aging parent, have experienced a minor eldercare crisis or have begun to assist an elder with more tasks.

A common refrain is that the aging parent or loved one sees things differently, in other words feels that everything is okay and does not wish to pursue any eldercare services or assistance.  This is an area our care managers often address with family caregivers in eldercare consultations and through ongoing work with elder clients.  Contact us to learn more or schedule a care consultation today!

We also recommend one of our EasyLiving home care articles, “Seven Ways to Talk to a Parent about Getting Home Care Help“, particularly for families considering hiring home caregivers for some additional assistance.  We will be addressing this topic with some additional hints and tips in upcoming articles.  We encourage you to sign up to get our blog posts via email!

For caregivers who would like to do a little more reading on communication with elderly parents and ways to come together and talk about eldercare issues, we have a “Recommended Reading for Caregivers” page with some excellent book suggestions!

Can you ever be full prepared for eldercare and the complexities of caregiving?  Probably not!  But, a little preparation can provide a lot of peace of mind, as can knowing where to turn for help and advice.

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