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It seems like more and more of us each day are struggling with caring for aging parents, and some of the concerns have changed nature due to increasing economic concerns. In response to this, we tweaked our services a little recently to help people get some immediate assistance and expertise in a way that was simple and affordable. By offering in office or telephonic consultation appointments for a fixed cost, caregivers can get advice, a toolkit and move forward feeling a lot more comfortable that they know where to begin (or how to keep going). Being able to do things via telephone and with the assistance of electronic communication, means being able to help caregivers anywhere.

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Now offering Nationwide Care Consultations

We know many families are concerned about older family members’ wellbeing. In today’s economic climate, finding cost effective options is key. We offer the ideal solution for families through our consultation appointments.

Consultations can address concerns such as:

Choosing the right assisted living or nursing home (and how to make the transition);

What to do when Mom or Dad is resistant to care;

Help understanding what it means when the doctor says Mom should not be alone;

Advice on what to do when diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or concerned about memory issues;

What is available to help after surgery, a fall, or other hospitalization;

Mediating with family members over disagreements about what is best for parents;

What to do when you are concerned your parent shouldn’t be driving;

Your frustrations as a caregiver and support options;

Insurance issues-understanding Medicare, Medicaid, long term care and other insurance benefits (including pre-retirement consultation to plan for your transition).

Help planning for disabled children or young adults.

Call us today to make an appointment for a consultation:

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Consultations can be done in our office or via telephone. Immediate appointments available to accommodate crises or time sensitive concerns.

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