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Exploring Geriatric Care Management and Senior Care Options - Aging Wisely

National Geriatric Care Manager month
As we celebrate National Geriatric Care Manager month, we help families explore the topic of geriatric care management and various options for senior care.  From understanding what a care manager does to identifying situations where one can help, we want to give you resources to help in your caregiving process.

If you are researching geriatric care management, or options in general for eldercare, here are a few articles that will help you better understand how geriatric care managers help and the approach we take to assisting families:


When You Might Need a Geriatric Assessment

The Geriatric Care Management Assessment Process: what happens when you hire a care manager to do an assessment, the process and what can you expect.

Benefits of a Geriatric Care Management Assessment for Families: expected outcomes and how an assessment can save you time, money and stress.


Care Management Services: What to Expect: what happens when you contact a care manager for services and some of the big questions that might be on your mind.

Bloomberg Business Week did a great feature on why families are turning to geriatric care managers, as well as how to go about selecting a care manager: click to read “The Elderly: Finding a Good Geriatric Care Manager”.

In our next post, we will be covering some tips about the hiring process and starting services, along with a free checklist we offer to help you during the decision-making process.

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