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Geriatric Care Management Standards - Aging Wisely

The field of geriatric care management is relatively new compared to many professions.  Early geriatric care managers typically started their careers as social workers, geriatric case managers and nurses in various settings such as hospitals and nursing homes.  As more and more families needed guidance and independent advice, as well as coordination assistance (especially for families at a distance), care management practices opened to fulfill these needs.

The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM) is the professional body representing this industry.  As mentioned, many of its members have backgrounds in various professions and may thus belong to other organizations, be licensed under certain regulations and have additional standards and ethics related to those.  The NAPGCM acknowledged this when it created its professional standards:

“These Standards have been developed because Professional Geriatric Care Management is a human service specialty provided by professionals from diverse backgrounds and academic preparations to a vulnerable and often frail population. No one profession can claim exclusive domain over the knowledge and skills required to provide geriatric care management services. Thus, Geriatric Care Managers (GCMs) may be members of formal professions, such as social work, nursing or psychology, or may hold advanced degrees in gerontology, counseling, public health administration, or other fields of human service specialization.

In addition, these Standards have been developed because certain issues of particular concern to GCMs have not always been included in the standards developed by other organizations. Thus, the purpose of these Standards is to supplement already existing standards of other professions and organizations and to provide guidance to the members (of NAPGCM) in the many complex situations presented by their practices.”

The geriatric care management standards cover a variety of areas including: the client relationship (identifying the client, promoting self-determination, privacy rights, professionalism and recognition of the geriatric care manager’s personal beliefs and values and how that might impact clients), professionalism of the geriatric care management practice (defining the role, care plan, employment laws, decision-making roles, continuing education and certification), and business policies (advertising/marketing, fee, disclosure of business relationships).  To read the geriatric care management standards of practice in more detail click here.


When you hire professional geriatric care managers who belong to NAPGCM you have the added protection of knowing they meet professional standards as well as adhere to a code of ethics.  Additionally, many geriatric care managers will have other professional credentials that may enhance their ability to meet your family’s needs.  Our Hiring a Geriatric Care Manager Checklist helps you to identify important characteristics and understand the business parameters before you make a decision.

We invite you to take a look at our Clearwater-based Florida geriatric care management team.  You can read about each geriatric care manager’s qualifications, experience and certifications.  We are proud of the experienced team we have built and pleased that both our company and team members have been acknowledged with several awards.  However, our most important accomplishments are our day-to-day contributions to the lives of clients and families.

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