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Gift Ideas for Elderly Friends and Relatives - Aging Wisely

One of our most popular posts of all time covers gift ideas for elderly friends and relatives. Clearly, a lot of us struggle with finding an appropriate, thoughtful gift for our senior loved ones. It is especially hard to think of something that will be useful and appreciated by an elder who lives in a senior care facility. So, as we approach the holidays, we revisit this topic to give you the help you need! Here is our Senior Gift Guide (and guidance!) for 2014…

senior gift resources

Great resources for finding the best gift for the senior in your life:

Aging Wisely’s Gifts for Seniors original guide offers 20 great gift ideas, along with a few of our favorite web stores for senior-friendly items

EasyLiving shares how to choose a meaningful gift for a senior or caregiver in your life, including categories of gifts that are always appreciated!

Magic Kitchen’s 100 Gift Ideas for Seniors

What to get someone who’s in the hospital? Check out great all-around advice on how to help at “Want to be a great friend when someone’s in the hospital?” and our article about extending kindness to someone in the hospital (or recovering at home).

gift ideas for 2014 holidays for elderly

Literary loved one? Pick out one of the acclaimed new books of 2014 (with so many specialty genres, there is plenty to offer, whether your loved one enjoys novels or has a special interest such as history or music). Many books are available in audio versions (also consider a subscription to or help link your loved one with the local library’s Talking Books) or large print, for low-vision readers. Kindle and other e-readers offer large print and audio options too.

Updike, Adam Begley’s new biography of John Updike for the big reader

1954: The Year Willie Mays and the First Generation of Black Superstars Changed Major League Baseball Forever for the sports (and history) fan

Mr. Mercedes: A Novel is Stephen King’s latest must-have for suspense lovers

For the movie fan on your list, check out 2014’s DVD releases or go for a new box set, whether a TV show like Downton Abbey or classic bundles, like the John Wayne or Gene Kelley collections.

Low-tech or high tech loved ones can both benefit from technology gifts. If your elderly Dad enjoys technology, why not upgrade him to the latest? TechRadar can guide you with their best technology recommendations. The less technically-inclined might benefit from the Jitterbug big button phone or some computer classes. Aging-in-place technology can help your loved one stay safe, while also giving you the gift of increased peace of mind.

As day-to-day needs change, properly designed lifestyle tools can make life a lot easier. This can start with simply helping your loved one “redesign” his/her space to function better, from labeling items in the kitchen and placing them where they can be easily reached to removing clutter or adding bathroom grab bars. There are specialty clothing retailers, such as Buck and Buck that offer clothing, shoes and other comfort items designed specifically for mobility-challenged people. The EasyButton is a great example of how innovators are continuing to modify design to improve functionality.

gifts for caregivers

As a caregiver, you also deserve a gift this holiday season. Give yourself the ultimate gift, of peace of mind, by getting some expert guidance and support. Connect with our advocacy team today to find out how we can help. Make your holiday season more enjoyable by reducing some of your stress and the fear of the unknown.

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