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One in four adults in the U.S. is caring for a loved one over 50 (family members with disability, illness or aging-related infirmities).

More and more families are also “sandwiched”: caring for aging loved ones along with children, caring for more than one adult and caregiving while also employed full or part-time.  As families have become more mobile over time, many of us are geographically separated and thus trying to manage care or obtain information from afar.

Balancing all of these duties can be overwhelming.  Though there is a lot of good information available for caregivers and resources to help, filtering through the information can be overwhelming for time-stretched caregivers.  One of our primary goals in Aging Wisely’s online communities is to provide caregivers with quality information and assist families in narrowing down where to find help for caregivers.  If you think we could improve upon this goal or you have a resource or topic to suggest, we ask you to please take a minute of your time to leave us a comment and let us know how we can help you as a caregiver.

We are continually updating our Senior Care Resource Center, which offers various handouts and downloads on eldercare and caregiving topics.  Some of our most popular resources include “Taking Away the Car Keys: Senior Driving Safety” and “The Essential Eldercare Checklist”.  Our sister company, EasyLiving also offers an Eldercare and Home Care Resource Center and one of the most requested downloads is the Alzheimer’s Specialty Care Guidebook for Dementia Caregivers.

Aging Wisely also puts together an Eldercare Resource Links page with Florida senior care resources and some of the top sites worldwide, broken down by topic/need.  There are always more great sites out there, but we have tried to bring together some of the key websites for information and state/local resources.  We think these are some of the essential places caregivers should bookmark.

Because there is so much information for caregivers to process and relevant news coming out every day, we use social media tools to share the latest news.  So, wherever you are on the web, we try to help you find what you need.  And, if that just feels overwhelming too, you can always reach out to us personally to help you find what you need.  Contact us online, send an email to shannonmartin(at)agingwisely(dot)com, or call us at 727-447-5845.

Here are a few of our tips for navigating “the information superhighway”:

As you begin your search for information about your loved one’s disease, issues like care costs and Medicare, or resources to help your family, keep a notebook of your concerns and questions.  Think about your priorities and what issues you must find answers about today.  Try to focus in on reputable sources and be skeptical of the source of information.  There are some great online communities where you can get support from other caregivers, but understand that their advice may not be right for your situation. 

Consider starting with a professional consultation with a geriatric care manager so that you can prioritize your needs and avoid spending a lot of time on a path with a dead end.

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