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geriatric care manager consultingIf you are a family member caring for an elderly loved one, you may be considering consulting with a professional care manager.  Not sure if you should?  You may want to read more about “When You Might Need a Geriatric Care Management Assessment” to learn about some of the situations in which care management service prove useful.

You may have been referred to care management services by another professional.  This is a great way to find quality care management services, as you have the recommendation of someone you trust and someone who has obviously had previous experience with that company.   Aging Wisely receives the majority of calls from families who have been referred.  We are proud to have the trust of many community professionals.

However, whether referred or not, you’ll want to feel comfortable that you have all your questions answered and clear expectations prior to hiring care management services.  Often, in a crisis it can be difficult to pull your thoughts together and ensure you ask all the questions you have.  To make things easier for families, as part of our educational efforts for National Care Managers Month, we have created a quick checklist you can use when hiring care management services.

Though care management is a relatively new field, there are many highly experienced professionals who can guide you and improve your eldercare experience.  The acknowledged professional body for care managers is the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers.  Though members come from fairly diverse backgrounds and educational degrees, the association has developed criteria for members to ensure they are fully qualified in this field.  Certified members carry one of four approved certifications, which include academic, experiential and testing criteria (along with continuing education).

At Aging Wisely, we are proud of our experienced team of geriatric care managers, who all have a high-level core set of skills but have also mastered additional specialty areas and obtained varied certifications.  You can view detailed background of our Aging Wisely care managers on our Geriatric Care Manager Team page.

If you are ready to begin the process of hiring Aging Wisely’s care management services, our Community Liaison is glad to answer your questions and discuss your specific situation.  Call us at 727-447-5845 or fill out the request below to schedule a time that is good for you:

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