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Holiday Wisdom from Aging Wisely: How not to ruin the holidays

holiday wisdom from aging wisely

Over the years our Aging Wisely team has shared a lot of holiday wisdom. Today we’ll round up some of our best advice and resources for you! This is your “one stop shop” for holiday wisdom that will help you ensure you have less stress this holiday season, especially with aging loved ones.

Holiday Wisdom to Make You The Ultimate Gift-Giver

happy holidays for seniorsDo you wonder how some people always find the perfect gift? Are you struggling with what to get aging parents or family members who have downsized? What about that loved one who lives in a tiny ALF apartment or the caregiver who never feels she has time to enjoy anything? Don’t be like us and find your grandmother recycling your last few “perfect gifts” in a charity sale pile!

We’ve curated several gift lists to make it easy to find just the right thing (or experience). Now everyone will wonder how you always know just the right thing to give!

Gifts for Caregivers or People Facing Illness: give a gift that will comfort and help

Gifts for Seniors: a general list of some of our team’s top picks for all interests and needs plus a few resources for specialty items

Linda’s Ultimate Gift Guide: like Oprah’s “Favorite Things”, only better!

Gifts for Someone with Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia

How to Ruin the Holidays (So You Know What to Avoid!)

holiday wisdom having a happy holidaysOur team shares three surefire ways to ruin the holidays with your aging parents when you’re a long-distance caregiver. Unfortunately, these are things many long-distance caregivers repeatedly do (and may even be advised to do by professionals) but we promise you that they are best avoided. We also offer you alternative advice. So, take a few moments to read this article and prepare yourself mentally for what can be a stressful time.

Are you planning to have a big talk with your aging parents this holiday? Want to sit down and tackle the “elephant in the room”? We advise you that now might not be the time for “the talk”. We are not advising against talking about what’s on your mind and expressing your concerns, but timing is important.

For a great guide to preparing for the holidays with elderly parents, check out our experts’ advice and find out how to make the most of your holiday visit.

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially for those dealing with loss. Seasonal depression is also a serious issue for some people. This is a wonderfully comprehensive guide to holiday depression for the elderly and caregivers.

If you notice things that concern you during the holidays with aging parents, contact us for help and ideas (or call 727-447-5845). We’ve also been sharing activities to make the holidays festive for all ages and Tampa Bay holiday events. So make sure to join us on the EasyLiving Facebook page for great ideas!

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