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Most seniors wish to stay in their own homes as they age. We can help you do so, bringing in the right care to assist you when needed. We act as your independent eldercare advocate to find the best care for you in any situation. We can help you by:

  • assessing your needs and figuring out how much and what type of help is needed
  • explaining the costs of services (and what Medicare & insurance will cover), helping with insurance filing, and locating programs to help
  • coordinating Medicare skilled care, rehabilitation services and custodial home care to most efficiently provide your ideal elder careplan
  • arranging for home health care on an ongoing basis or for specific needs (sitters during a hospital stay, post surgery-care, senior transportation)
  • locating the best fit for your home care needs, finding unique solutions to fit your needs and budget
  • setting up senior medication management, companion care (meal prep, errands, light housekeeping, companionship), or hands-on personal care (assistance with dressing, bathing, and other activities of daily living)
  • setting up companions or home health aides to supplement care at an assisted living or nursing facility (for special trips, one on one care and attention or during transitional times)
  • locating help for specialized services such as trip companions and elderly concierge services
  • training home caregivers to a client’s specific needs and wants
  • monitoring elder care to ensure the best service
  • troubleshooting when issues arise
  • protecting your vulnerable loved ones from unscrupulous caregivers or scams where elders at home may be targeted

EasyLiving, Inc. is our Pinellas County, Florida home care partner. EasyLiving provides customized, top quality home care to meet your needs and you can learn more about them and their excellent home caregivers for seniors at the EasyLiving website. We can also recommend home care providers in other areas throughout the United States and Florida, including Tampa. We work with various providers, such as Medicare skilled home health agencies, rehabilitation specialists, durable medical equipment companies and home modification experts for your total home safety and senior health needs.

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