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Senior Home Safety and Fall Prevention - Aging Wisely

No matter our age, extra clutter, throw rugs and other environmental hazards can lead to accidents. As we get older, though, the results of the accidents are often much worse. Falls are the #1 reason for emergency calls in Pinellas County. Falls are amongst the top reasons that seniors move to nursing homes and are the leading cause of injury death in the elderly.

One day, we might all live in “aging friendly” homes but right now our homes tend to be hazardous to our good senior health. Just think of all the reaching, climbing and stepping over things you might do in a typical day. Throw rugs, slippery surfaces, obstacles and poor lighting are common environmental causes of falls, and all easily remedied. Take the time to “inspect” the home for potential hazards or get assistance looking at how to make the home safer.

Download Aging Wisely’s free “Aging in Place Tips” for some ideas on home safety. Our geriatric care managers can provide a home safety assessment for you in the Tampa Bay/Pinellas County, Florida area. We look at all aspects of the physical environment as well as comprehensive safety and health recommendations. Low cost and no cost changes can go a big way to keeping you safe and independent at home.

Aging Wisely is a founding member of the Pinellas County Falls Prevention Coalition. We believe in taking proactive steps for healthy aging and supporting our community’s elders in doing so!

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