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The last few years (maybe more than five) I have not been diligent about watching my health.  I have not made the doctors’ appointments that are recommended and I have not gotten all of my healthcare screenings completed.  I think about it, and never make the next step.  I have been in plenty of health care locations with my parents, with friends and even with clients. I’ve been in local hospitals, national medical centers, doctors’ offices, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

What I do know is there have been lots of changes in the health care world and more than ever you must be able to recite everything about yourself, over and over again.  And what you can’t or don’t communicate may effect the medical treatment provided.

So along with getting organized, I need to focus on getting my health care back on track.

I am trying hard to not be overwhelmed with organizing all of my health care records.  The good ole days of your Primary Care Physician (in my day called a GP) maintaining all of your health care records only works until you get sent to a specialist or the hospital.  The entire system has changed, where do you start?

Review your Health Insurance Coverage.  For the most accurate and update information about your insurance coverage you will need to establish an online account.  The online account will confirm and explain your coverage.  You can track your claims and see any payments made on your behalf.  Depending upon your insurance they may have relationships/contracts with particular health care providers that are in your network and only pay for those providers or offer a financial incentive to see those providers.

Maintain your Health Care Records.  Where is the best place to maintain your medical records?  I recommend maintaining the information online as well as paper.  Tack the paper down in a file folder or in a notebook.  Most online records are maintained on a cloud based system but unfortunately not all health care providers will agree to access your cloud based system.  However, for family members and travel l prefer the convenience of the online records.

Family members could find it difficult to help in a time of emergency if asked to report on your medication list and medical history.  It is difficult to remember my own list when visiting the doctor’s office.  I take a large number of vitamins and supplements – the healthcare provider needs to know the complete list and strength of the vitamins and supplements.  There would be no way for my family to disclose this information without a documented list.

Making the most of your Doctor’s visit – what should the doctor be telling you and what should you be asking?  Please join us for a free workshop focused on your health, what records you need to maintain, online tools to make it easier, and a heads up on Medicare changes coming your way.  A FREE tool to “Make the Most of Your Doctor’s Appointment” will be provided to all attendees. You will not want to miss.  Limited to first 20 attendees.

Focus on Your Health Care, February 9th, 1:00-2:30 PM, location: Aging Wisely office

RSVP to 727.447.5845 or lashford(at)

Please share your best suggestions and tips on how to stay healthy and send them to Linda(at)   I look forward to hearing from you!

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