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health and insurance and Medicare problemsConfused about Florida Medicare and other senior health insurance coverage?

Medicare is the U.S. federal system of health insurance for people over 65 years of age and for certain younger people with disabilities.  The terms Medicare and Medicaid often get confused.  Medicare is not a means-tested program, whereas Medicaid is.  Medicaid is jointly funded between the federal government and states, and actually includes a variety of programs from health coverage for children and expectant mothers to nursing home coverage for seniors.

If you are nearing retirement, or coming up on age 65 but not planning to retire, it is important to get an understanding of the Medicare program and what you need to do as you reach Medicare eligibility age.  There are some key dates around eligibility and if you miss them, it can cost you.  Depending on your work and health situations, there are a number of different options for coordinating various Medicare benefits and other health insurance coverage.

For individuals already enrolled in Medicare, your situation is likely to change over the years you are enrolled.  A healthy 65 year old going on to the Medicare program will have very different needs than someone age 90 with chronic health conditions.  It is important to periodically review appropriateness of coverage and be aware of open enrollment periods when changes can be made.

Aging Wisely offers a unique Medicare Analysis program, in which one of our Patient Advocates helps you navigate through all the confusing options with targeted advice.  We get to know you and what is important to you in healthcare coverage.  We do not sell insurance, so our advice is solely based on our knowledge and experience as healthcare professionals aligned with your specific situation.

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