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Linda's Mother's Day Gift List

Linda Chamberlain and kids

Linda’s Mother’s Day Top Twenty Gift List: Make Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day!

Time spent with your Mom is always the best gift. Whether in person, via telephone, email, or a handwritten letter she can read over and over again – any of these will be gratefully enjoyed by your Mom.

I miss my Mom on Mother’s Day and think back to all the special times we shared. As I get older I appreciate her hard work and efforts more than I probably let her know. The understanding of the talent, time, and patience it takes to care for your children is something you often don’t realize til many years after the experience.

Best recommendation – take time to spend with your Mom, let her know how much you appreciate her, and say thank you!

We’ve had fun putting together this Mother’s Day Gift Guide for you. Ideas that will work for Mom at any age, as well as some particular gifts chosen for the older Mom.

1. Passion PlannerIt’s never too late in the year to help Mom get excited about focusing on taking care of herself, setting goals, and enjoying the process. Special pricing is in effect right now.  I love the fact that this planner reminds you every day to write down “Good Things that Happened that Day”!

Mother's Day gift idea: Passion Planner

2. Amazon Echo: This is an incredible way to get Mom excited about technology and all of the awesome information, news, and music Alexa can provide throughout the day!  I love walking into my house after work and asking Alexa to play whatever type of music I’m in the mood for.  And then when something comes to my mind I don’t want to forget, I ask Alexa to set a reminder.  She has been an awesome addition to the family!

Amazon echo

3. Trakdot: I’ve been blessed to have never had my luggage lost while traveling.  With my Trakdot, if my luggage did get lost I can track exactly where it is.  It makes my traveling process much easier and less stressful.

TrakDot for luggage

4. Kindle Paperwhite Reader: My son gave me the very lightweight Paperwhite Kindle.  It weighs less than a paperback book.  I love it because no matter what position I want to be in while I read the Kindle it is never too heavy to hold for an extended period.  I love being able to make the font size so big I do not need to wear my glasses, what a perk!

Kindle Paperwhite

5. Box Sign with Mom Message: A variety of very cute and clever box signs are available for purchase on this website. The one I like especially as a Mother’s Day gift: “You’re the Mom everyone wishes they had.” What more is there to say?  This covers it all.

Mom Sign as Mother's Day Gift

6. Photo Album with Annotated Pictures: Shutterfly and Walgreens each have online services to help you create a photo album allowing you to annotate each picture with a note for Mom.  Memorializing your childhood, a special trip, pictures of Mom with her children, etc.… will all be great memories for her to enjoy and to share with others.

Mother's Day Gift Photo Book

7. Sonic Care Toothbrush: While not the sexiest Mother’s Day gift, this is often over looked and is a much needed item.  The Sonic Care toothbrush can help reduce your plaque, preventing a variety of health complications.  (Thank you, John, for the heads up!) WebMd states the following: “A growing body of research finds that bacteria and inflammation in your mouth are also linked to other problems, including heart attack and dementia, and may well jeopardize your overall health.”

Sonic Care Toothbrush

8. A facial or massage at a local spa or dermatologist’s office: Every woman loves to be pampered. There is nothing better than getting the little lift and perk you get from a facial.  Feeling brighter and looking more energetic feels good.  A massage will work all the knots out of Mom’s muscles from you stressing her out from time to time.

Mom enjoying a facial massage

9. A manicure/pedicure date: Accompany Mom and enjoy the time spent together while each of you enjoy a little pampering.  It will provide a good hour of one on one time your Mom will thoroughly enjoy.  Consider bringing a new nail polish along for Mom to try.

Mother's Day Mom Daughter pedicure date

10. Private stretching session: As we get older our body often gets stiff and we need to stretch our muscles and tendons.  Learning how to do stretching properly and prevent injuries is very helpful.  The benefits of learning to stretch and adding daily stretching to your routine are amazing.

Stretching Session

11. The Roomba:  We have two Labrador Retrievers, Lucy and Ethel.  The Roomba is one of my favorite household tools as we set it every day to vacuum the piles of dog hair that seem to accumulate daily.  I am surprised how well the Roomba vacuums and how easy it is to use.  It is very smart and even vacuums areas I’m sure that I may often miss.  I got mine at Costco and love it.

The Chamberlain dogs

12. Homemade dinner and/or Mom’s favorite dessert:  I remember my Mom always telling me she loved everything I cooked for her because it was so nice to not have to cook it herself.  She always appreciated the time and energy it took for me to make a meal.  I love it when my children invite me to their home for dinner and it really doesn’t matter what they serve.  I appreciate their efforts and the time spent with them.

family meal for Mother's Day

13. Exercise classes: As you may have read in my previous Blog post, I love Pure Barre.  It is challenging and the workout covers all parts of your body, top to bottom.  A series of classes and some cute Pure Barre Socks may be just what Mom needs to get her motivated.  Mention my name at Pure Barre Clearwater for a special discount!


14. Yoga mat and Basic Yoga class: Yoga …….  It is hard to believe the difference yoga can make with decreasing your stress and anxiety levels.  A yoga mat and matching towel is a fun way to enjoy the yoga experience.  One of my favorite places to shop for everything Yoga is Lululemon.

yoga clothes for Mom

15. Exercise clothes of any type: Exercise clothing is an easy and great gift to give to Mom.  A new workout outfit motivates you to get moving.  Since most workout clothing comes in S, M, L, and XL it is easy to buy something that will fit Mom.  Coordinating the colors with her socks and shoes makes it fun!  Title Nine is one of my favorites and if you don’t have time to order you can’t go wrong at Target.


16. Pajamas: Whether Mom lives at home or in a long term care facility new pajamas are always nice to receive.  Pajamas tend to fade and lose their comfortableness over time.  A new pair of pajamas can help you feel better and remind you someone was thinking of you.  Pajamas also cover your body to ensure modesty.  Even if Mom has some memory issues new pajamas will help her feel fresh and clean.  I love the selection at Pajamagram and love their delivery in a cute pajama bag.


17. Yeti Water Bottle: This bottle keeps liquids cold or hot, your preference.  It is pretty and functional.  It gives Mom the daily reminder of how much she means to you.  You can’t go wrong with a Yeti!

Yeti water bottle great gift

18. Flowers, candy, cards: Fresh fruit arrangements, favorite candies, or beautiful cookies are always great options.  One of my new favorites is Eleni’s cookies.  They are sugar cookies decorated with icing making them crisp and tasty.  Don’t want to say how many I sampled, but I wore them home from New York City!


19. Playlist of special music/songs for Mom to download: Make a play list of your favorites along with Mom’s favorites for her to download to her music device of choice.  I love listening to what my kids are listening to and sharing my favorites with them.  Music is a great and fun connector.

Mother's Day gift: custom playlist

20. Say thank you and mean it:  Writing it or saying it – it makes a difference.  While Moms are not perfect they often have sacrificed and worked hard to help you grow up and develop into the person you have become today.  Taking the time to state how sincerely thankful you are to Mom will make her year.  She will NOT forget and on those days she misses seeing you she will remember you sharing your thankfulness.

20_Thank you

For more great ideas and advice from Linda, join us on Facebook and sign up to receive Linda’s Journal delivered right to your inbox monthly. We hope these ideas have helped you find the ideal Mother’s Day gift to make your Mom feel special and appreciated.

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