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Navigating Florida Senior Care Options - Aging Wisely

As part of our ongoing senior care educational series, we are sharing advice for families caring for a senior in Florida (which can be applied most anywhere).  One of the biggest challenges families face is navigating Florida senior care options and finding quality options that fit their loved one’s needs.navigating senior care maze

Here are some tips when navigating senior care options:

  • Know how services compare (for example, what are the regulations for different types of care facilities or home care providers and what services are provided, limitations).  Here is a great article on how Florida home healthcare is regulated and Florida’s AHCA website about all healthcare providers.
  • As part of knowing how senior services compare, understand the costs and what is included (and more importantly, extra costs).  Get EasyLiving’s Paying for Senior Care fact sheet for an overview.
  • Ask lots of questions.  When interviewing providers or facilities, prepare a list of questions beforehand.  This can protect you from the natural inclination to be attracted to people who are personally appealing (i.e. the likeable marketing representative) when perhaps the provider is really not the best fit for you.
  • Do not let a crisis force you in to an uncomfortable decision.  Explain your concerns to providers and ask for necessary time and assistance (for example, talking to a hospital discharge planner about your loved one’s needs and the necessity of preparing for their return home).  If you are rushed or in a bind, this is an especially good time to consider hiring a professional like a geriatric care manager who can save you time but still allow you to feel comfortable with your choices.

In our next post, we will cover more details about navigating senior care facilities and choosing the best Florida senior care community for your loved one (or even deciding if a senior care community is the best overall option).  You can enter your email address in the box to the right to subscribe to be notified of our new articles so you don’t miss it!

Need expert advice, someone to guide you through the maze?  Our affordable eldercare consultations (available in person, at your home, or via telephone) provide solutions for YOU!

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