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Older Americans Month: Honoring Elders - Aging Wisely

May is Older Americans Month and this year’s theme is “Older Americans: Connecting the Community”, to honor the ways in which older Americans contribute to the community. This year’s focus also highlights the ways technology is aiding Americans to live healthier, more engaged and longer lives.

The Older Americans Month proclamation from the Administration on Aging states, “our community can provide that recognition and respect by enriching the quality of life for older Americans by:

• Increasing their opportunities to remain in their communities as active and engaged citizens
• Providing services, technologies, and support systems that allow seniors to foster and maintain connections within the community
• Emphasizing the value of elders by publically recognizing their contributions to the diversity, strength, and unity of our community”.

Our elders bring so much to the community, including significant contributions in volunteerism and community support. At Aging Wisely, we often see how senior citizen neighbors and community members pitch in to care for and support those needing some assistance. Many seniors help friends and neighbors, as well as volunteering for hospitals and organizations such as Meal on Wheels. We say a special thanks to all the seniors who contribute so much to the vitality, diversity and richness of our communities.

In honor of this month, we will be sharing some information on technologies and their potential impact on the health and well-being of elders, as well as additional resources. If you are an elder caregiver or senior living with a chronic condition, sign up for our blog feed or monthly newsletter for senior care tips and health resources.

Contact us today if you need more information on resources to assist with eldercare, senior caregiving or geriatric care management in the Tampa Bay/Clearwater area.

Aging Wisely honoring seniors/elders

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