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Sample Assessments - Aging Wisely

Eldercare Assessment: Resources and Payment Concerns

Betty and her family were recommended by Elder Care Attorney John Smith to secure a geriatric assessment to document Betty’s current level of functioning, look at her care needs now, and project over her life expectancy what her care needs will be. The goal of this projection is to match her care needs with available resources, recommend programs and funding sources that will assist with providing care. All parties would like Betty to remain in her home if possible.

Assessing a Widower’s Resources and Needs for Home Safety

This client is an 81 year old gentleman who recently lost his wife. He was living alone in his home and his children were alternating caregiving duties, but had family and work obligations they also need to fulfill. They wanted a clear picture of his needs and what resources could help. They wanted to respect his wishes to remain in his own home if that were a viable option.

Special Needs Trust Assessment-Requested by Trust Officer

This assessment was requested by the trust officer for the client’s Special Needs Trust. The care manager begin assisting the client with some of the immediate needs during the assessment process, as some things required immediate attention (not “resolved” under presenting problems/issues). The care manager was also able to build rapport with the client and immediately begin providing emotional support and buffer the trustee from some of the anger and frustration client was feeling due to her loss of control over her life situation and money.

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