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Senior Care Facility Gives Residents the Thrill of a Lifetime - Aging Wisely

On a recent sunny, while many people their age might have been finishing up lunch, or grabbing a quick afternoon nap, Mary Steeves, 85, Manuel Borba, 84, and Raymond Hawkins, 92, were fulfilling a lifelong dream.

The recent article, “Flying high, fulfilling dreams,” by Denise Rockenstein, told the story of three individuals, residents of Orchard Park Retirement and Assisted Living Facility in Clearlake, California, who were asked the question: “If money, health and time were not factors, what would you like to do with the rest of your life?” Mary, Manuel and Raymond all wanted to fly.

For Mary, the idea that she’d always wanted to take to the skies came as a revelation to her family. Mary’s daughter, Donna Sage, remarked, “My mother will never ever be the same again after this experience. Never in my life had I heard anything about her dream to fly. It was very much a surprise to me. She was so giddy the day they announced it at the lunch. It was just like she turned into a teenager. She was so excited she couldn’t stop laughing.”

Manuel and Raymond (with his wife, Pearl, by his side) enjoyed their separate flights as well, especially when their pilot flew over Orchard Park, low enough for them to see their friends waving below.

These flights, a dream-come-true for three seniors, are just the beginning, according to Orchard Park community relations coordinator Jane McNight. “This absolutely the most wonderful thing and we have more dreams to fulfill.”

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