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calling for help from a geriatric care managerHere’s our “top 10 list” of signs that you might want to seek help from a geriatric care manager with your aging parents’ care or eldercare concerns.  These are some of the common patterns that begin to build in our lives as we strive to care for loved ones as they age or suffer from various health issues.  If these patterns sound familiar, it is a perfect time to reach out to a geriatric care manager in your parents’ local area to plan a consultation and/or geriatric care management assessment.

You can reach Aging Wisely at 727-447-5845 or complete our online senior care request for geriatric care management assistance in Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough counties in Florida (St. Pete, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Tampa and more).

Top 10 signs it’s time to call a geriatric care manager:

10.  You sleep with your cell phone by your bed, not as an alarm clock, but because you are worried about what emergency might crop up with your elderly loved one overnight.

9.  You are racking up frequent flier airlines miles, not on taking vacations or business trips, but on trips down to visit your aging parents in Florida to handle multiple crises.

8.  Your office assistant is on a first-name basis with your elderly Mom, who calls with emergencies (or perceived emergencies) throughout the day.

7.  Every question you ask your Dad is answered with “I’m fine” or “it’s fine” despite the various health problems he has had and the concerns you spot every time you visit.

6.  Every visit to your aging parents for the past two years has consisted solely of doctor’s appointments and running errands.

5.  You have your parents’ local hospital programmed in to your phone.

4.  You know more than you ever wanted to about your Mom’s medical condition, but still don’t understand what the doctors are recommending or why.

3.  Your used to visit websites about a favorite hobby or celebrity gossip, now you stay up late reading senior care websites and eldercare advice blogs.

2.  Your worries span the generations: one moment you are thinking about your oldest daughter finding a job and the next moment you are wondering if you need to move your Mom in to your home.

And, the #1 reason why you might need a geriatric care manager is…you want to do the right thing for your aging loved ones and sometimes it is hard to know what the right thing is or how to make it happen.

Calling a geriatric care manager does not mean you are giving up the responsibility or somehow shirking your duty to help your aging parents.  A geriatric care manager can be your partner in ensuring the best care for your aging parents or other elderly relatives. 

How?  Tools, resources, specific recommendations, patient advocacy and expertise as well as help managing tasks and ongoing monitoring to ensure things are going well…and giving you back peace of mind (and more quality time with your loved ones)

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