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Disaster Preparedness for Senior Citizens

Between the months of June and November hurricanes and tropical storms are very common. Hurricanes and tropical storms are formed when several different weather conditions occur simultaneously. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone with winds exceeding 74 mph, originating in the tropical regions of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, or the Gulf of Mexico. A tropical storm is a lesser form of a hurricane.

Aging Wisely’s care managers can provide a home visit and assessment to help determine if your loved ones are prepared for hurricane season. We complete a checklist, discuss options and evacuation and help coordinate their plan. We see this process as not only preparedness, but a time for education.


Below is a checklist to help seniors prepare for nature’s disasters. Additionally, every individual should have a plan for emergency evacuation. For individuals who need assistance evacuating, contact the county emergency service to register for assistance (however, it is important to use county services and especially special needs shelters as a backup plan should other plans fail, these services are not designed to meet all residents needs and may be very uncomfortable and challenging for elders with medical and care needs):

Pinellas County – (727) 464-3800

Hillsborough County – (813) 272-5900

Pasco County – (727) 847-8959


1. _____ Important medical, family contact and insurance information, safe and secure

2. _____ Water (2-week supply at home, 3-day supply if evacuating – 1 gallon per person, per day)

3. _____ Food (2-week supply of nonperishable food at home, 3-day supply if evacuating)

4. _____ Non-electric can-opener

5. _____ Battery powered radio

6. _____ Flashlights

7. _____ Extra batteries

8. _____ Two-week supply of prescription medication & list inc. dosages and allergies

9. _____ Mosquito repellant

10. _____ First Aid Kit

11. _____ Water purification kit (tablets, plain chlorine and iodine)

12. _____ Pre-moistened towelettes

13. _____ Antibacterial wipes and/or hand sanitizer

14. _____ Walker, wheelchair, and other medical equipment (talk to medical equipment company prior to determine needs for battery or electric powered devices, register with the power company if electricity required for Oxygen or special needs)

If you evacuate, also take:

15. _____ Bedding

16. _____ Extra clothing and shoes

17. _____ Eyeglasses

18. _____ Folding chair or cot

19. _____ Extra hearing aid batteries

20. _____ Walker, wheelchair, and other medical equipment

21. _____ Important papers (in a waterproof container)

a. _____Driver’s license

b. _____ Special medical information

c. _____ Medical insurance and Medicare cards

d. _____ Insurance policies

e. _____ Family and physician contact numbers

f. _____ List of style and serial numbers of medical devices, i.e. pacemaker

Precious commodities before and after a storm:

22. _____ Cash, Ice, Charcoal, Wooden Matches, Grill

Click hereResources:

For evacuation zones and shelter information in Pinellas county:

For Pasco County, visit:

Hillsborough County evacuation levels are available at: Red Cross provides information and checklists for individuals with special needs and how to be prepared for disasters. Go to their “Disaster Services” and click on “Be Prepared” to find the information specific to persons with special needs.

Contact Aging Wisely at 727-447-5845 for assistance with hurricane planning or other eldercare planning needs. We offer a special hurricane season planning package.

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