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Wellness: Blaze a Trail with Aging Wisely

blaze a trail to wellness

As we lead up to Older Americans month with the theme of “Blaze a Trail”, we’re here to share additional resources and tips around the Older American Month tips sheets. Today’s topic, “wellness”, is one near and dear to us, and we have loads of great information for you!

Wellness Inspiration and Getting Started

First, for some inspiration, check out these amazingly fit older adults and learn how some of the myths you believe about aging and wellness are probably not true! Wellness is definitely possible in your later years, and it’s never too late to get started. It is even possible to challenge yourself with workouts like Crossfit. Weight lifting and building core strength can greatly improve quality of life and functionality for older adults.

But, as the OAM tip sheet recommends, pace yourself and check with your doctor about news fitness routines. Don’t think of wellness as chore, but think about things you might enjoy adding to your life. Did you love to go dancing when you were younger? Do you enjoy the outdoors? Would it be fun to socialize with a group and meet new friends through exercise class or a walking group?

Check out our local fitness ideas, including lots of fun groups/classes and free ways to stay fit. Joining up with a partner or buddies can help keep you on track, with the added bonus of socialization for mental and intellectual wellness.

Nutrition for Wellness

Staying active is important, but so is healthy eating. Check out our great resources on healthy eating and longevity and commit to making one small change today! Consider trying “meatless Monday” (or one day/week or meal each day with no meat), adding one additional serving of vegetables to your daily diet or cutting back on sugary drinks. Here are some great resources for eating wellness:

Healthy Food for a Long, Healthy Life, including the world’s 100 healthiest foods and easy ways to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your diet

EasyLiving’s Aging and Nutrition, including tips for healthy eating on a budget

Engage for Wellness

Staying engaged (socially and intellectually) is important for brain health and overall well-being. Consider volunteering or try learning something new.

Here’s the Older Americans Month Tip Sheet on Civic Engagement for some ideas. Our team loves helping clients continue all the activities they enjoy (or trying new ones!). Contact us for a wellness assessment and recommendations or for help with senior transportation, meal preparation, senior concierge services and more.

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