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What the Tuck? What I've learned working out

working out at pure barre clearwater

What the Tuck?

Is tucking part of your workout?  Can you stand straight, push your navel into your back and tighten your abdominal muscles – if the answer is yes – you know how to tuck!  I recently had the opportunity to attend a Clearwater Pure Barre class, and wow!!  (Thank you to my daughter-in-law Lauren, owner of the Pure Barre studio).  It was a workout as well as an education.  I loved it!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous walking in to the class as it appeared most of the other participants were under 40 (I haven’t seen the 40’s for years :-).  And while it took me a few minutes to catch on I very quickly joined in and started making some moves that were new to my body!  I couldn’t complete every exercise, the instructor said give it time and I will eventually be able to make it the entire hour.  I enjoy the challenge and for now will make this a part of my weekly exercise, at least 3 times per week.  It is one hour that flies by!

Working out has never been fun for me – I have to make myself do it.  I’ve tried everything and the only exercise I come close to loving is snow-skiing – and of course I live in Florida.  I do know from all that I read and from the many clients I have met that moving is vital to healthy aging.  I want to be healthy, it’s just sometimes I don’t use my discipline to stay focused.

Two times per week I meet with an incredible personal trainer who has taught me the proper way to stretch and strength train.  Sometimes the goals are simple, balance on one leg, jump rope without missing.  Often we focus on real life skills, for example the ability to get up off the floor safely while lifting my grandchild’s weight.  She also works each week on my posture – what a challenge that has been.  Between a curvature of my spine (Kyphosis – inherited from my father’s side of the family) and my many years of sitting in front of a computer my body has been trained NOT to stand straight.  The daily stretching of the tissue is helping enormously as well as the strengthening of the weakened muscles. I had no idea how many different ways there are to stretch.  I can’t imagine life without a foam roller.

working out with foam roller

I was shocked initially to see how poor my balance actually was.  Not that I am falling or losing my balance, but how I was unable to bend over on one leg and pick something up?  What year did I stop being able to do that?  I’m not really certain how I quit moving certain directions but since my children have left home I have often let work get in the way and become my grand excuse not to exercise.  Clients and their problems often gain my full attention in the goal of providing great service and solutions (can you hear my justification for not exercising).  While clients are important, many of them have stressed to me how important it has been to them to concentrate on their health and staying fit.  Their reward is less pain and maintaining independence – I want both of those!

Along with getting my Exit Strategy organized this year I am making my health a priority.  Come back and check out Linda’s Journal as I work through my exercise, eating habits, and medical screenings.  I’m happy to share my tips and struggles – I would love to hear all about yours.  Please email me at Linda(at)

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