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Aging Well: The Aging Wisely Quiz

aging well and wisely quiz

Are you on the path to aging well? What factors lead to healthy, happy aging? What do great examples of aging well have to teach us?

Take the Aging Wisely quiz to gauge how you’re doing on aging well.


Aging Well and Wisely Quiz

Do you regularly get recommended health screenings?          ◊ YES     ◊NO

Do you have a primary care physician?                                       ◊YES      ◊NO

Do you get some form of exercise, at least 3 times/week for 30 minutes or more?

◊YES      ◊NO

Are you a non-smoker and do you drink fewer than 2 alcoholic beverages/day?  ◊YES     ◊NO

Do you eat vegetables and fruit every day/have a primarily plant-based diet? ◊YES      ◊NO

Do you limit intake of processed foods (no more than a few servings/week)?  ◊YES      ◊NO

Do you have a technique/activity that helps you reduce stress? ◊YES      ◊NO

Have you read a book or watched a film in the last month?    ◊ YES     ◊NO

Do you volunteer in the community or participate in church/civic activities? ◊ YES     ◊NO

Do you smile or laugh at least 3 times/day? ◊ YES     ◊NO

Do you have a close companion to share your life with or do you see friends or family daily?

◊ YES     ◊NO

Have you completed the following documents?

Healthcare Surrogate ◊ YES     ◊NO

Durable Power of Attorney ◊ YES     ◊NO

Living Will ◊ YES     ◊NO

Trust/Will ◊ YES     ◊NO

If you get sick and are unable to care for yourself, do you know how you would like to have care provided?*                   ◊ YES     ◊NO

If you need long-term care, do you know how you will pay for it?* ◊ YES     ◊NO

Score your quiz. Are you aging well?

Tally the # of questions for which you answered “yes”.

13 or more: You are a master of aging wisely! You have done some preparation and you live out your day-to-day life in a way that supports longevity and quality of life.

9-12: You are aging well, but could take a few extra steps to ensure the best quality of life as you get older.

Less than 9: There’s always time to implement changes to age well! Commit to make some small changes or do some prep work this year.


We will be expanding and updating our Aging Wisely quiz in 2016 so make sure to check back for more! Throughout this year, we’ll be sharing our experts’ advice on aging well along with the latest research, technological advances and interviews with expert specialists. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates.

*For more information about paying for long-term care, check out The Costs of Long Term Care and Paying for Home Care. We will be providing the updated figures on long-term care costs in an upcoming post. For help with care options, we recommend a care consultation with one of our aging life care professionals.

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