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You’re worried about Mom or Dad and someone suggests you get in touch with a geriatric care manager.  You get a recommendation for a geriatric care manager in the area, or you select some care managers from an internet search.  What next?

Assuming you have done some due diligence beforehand (read up on the backgrounds and qualifications of the care manager/geriatric care management company, prepared a list of questions, gotten references or been referred by a professional or client), your inquiry will start with a conversation.  At Aging Wisely, you will most likely talk to our Community Liaison, Jeannine Hodges.  Jeannine has worked with our team for a number of years and has in-depth experience in the Pinellas County/Tampa Bay healthcare system. 

Your typical first call starts with us listening to your situation, so we can figure out the best way to help you.  During that conversation, we’ll answer some of your questions and also share some information about how we have helped families with similar issues in the past.  To talk to Jeannine, call 727-447-5845.

What’s next?  It depends on your situation and needs.  We may send you more information or you may go to discuss the situation with other family members.  If you need a different resource, we will make a referral so you can get the help you need.  Often, families contact a geriatric care manager when in a crisis, so you may want to find out how quickly a care manager can begin to assist you.  Other families reach out to a care manager to begin getting some advice or answer some targeted questions.  In this case, you might schedule a care consultation with a geriatric care manager.

The geriatric care assessment forms the basis of the ongoing care plan, whether carried out by the family or managed by a geriatric care manager.  You can read more detail about The Benefits of a Geriatric Assessment and The Components of a Geriatric Assessment

Some of the questions we hear about what to expect from care management services include:

I am on a budget.  How much will I spend on care management services (do I need to hire a care manager for an ongoing period)?

Most care managers have some set fee services, such as a consultation or assessment, along with tailored ongoing service at an hourly rate.  Most care managers can work with you on a short-term or more long-term basis.  It is not uncommon for families to hire us for a consultation only, or to help with a specific need or do an assessment.  They may hire us again later to help with something else, or may decide to have the care manager’s assistance to carry out the plan.  Ongoing oversight can be particularly beneficial for long-distance families’ peace of mind, coordinating medical/senior care and preventing further crises.

What qualifications does a care manager have?

This is a vital question to ask, as this is not a licensed profession.  However, for example, the National Association for Professional Geriatric Care Managers, has set standards for members which includes education, experience and certification.  Many care managers have extensive experience and credentials.  You should be able to review the care manager’s CV/bio and learn about how he/she has helped clients in similar situations as well.  Read the Aging Wisely Care Management Team‘s bios.

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