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FAQ - Aging Wisely

Why do I need Aging Wisely?

Aging Wisely knows the Tampa Bay community and its resources. There are often services available through small companies or individuals that are unknown to the consumer. We also are aware of community reputations and keep up to date on the status of the eldercare services available.

Mistakes can be expensive financially as well as take a physical and emotional toll on elders and their families. We help you avoid those errors and help you find solutions in a timely manner. Seeking our expertise provides you with custom solutions, saving you stress and time, as well as the reassurance that you are doing the best thing for your elderly loved one.

How does your service differ from home health care?

Care managers can assist individuals with all aspects of their lives, including medical, social, emotional, familial, and spiritual well-being. Care managers help clients to locate the best possible services for them by being an advocate for the client and thoroughly researching the best choices for each client. Care management does not replace the services of home health agencies, assisted living or skilled nursing facilities, or other care providers. A care manager can help to ensure that all of the involved parties are working together for the benefit of the individual. We do offer in-home senior care services through EasyLiving, Inc. and can help you coordinate the home care you need. Clients and families can use any services we offer together or individually, so contact us today to talk about your needs.

Will my parents/loved ones accept your help?

Most of the time we find that the client is relieved to have us involved. We help everyone retain the relationships they have had, parent-child, husband-wife, and not just client-caregiver. We treat clients with respect and dignity and they appreciate having an advocate who takes the time to understand their needs. Because of this and our care managers’ expertise in working with elders, we are able to help many families when a loved on is reluctant.

During our caregiver consultations, we often strategize with families about the best way to approach the situation and offer eldercare advice on communication techniques. You can benefit from our years of geriatric care management experience, helping families navigate the emotions and practicalities of aging.

For more information, please see our article: When a Loved One is Resistant to Help

Are most of your solutions successful?

Aging Wisely’s care managers are particularly skilled at making recommendations that take into account the complexities of the situation and the individual. This, combined with their expertise in working with elderly clients, means they can succeed where other solutions have failed. We see aging as a journey and understand the need to be flexible as health and care needs change. Your Aging Wisely care manager can offer valuable advice on how to approach the situation and options that work for your family’s needs. By properly assessing the situation and taking time to build a relationship with your loved one and family, your care manager can best assist you.

What exactly is an assessment?

Our Comprehensive Assessment is a thorough evaluation of an individual’s/couple’s situation. It provides the “big picture” so to speak. The assessment provides the foundation for the roadmap of where the individual/couple want to be. An assessment includes, but is not limited, to:

  1. Initial information is gathered over the phone and an appointment is made for the care manager to visit the client in his/her environment. The care manager ascertains presenting problems and concerns and discusses the best approach to the situation.
  2. A thorough medical, financial, and social history is completed. This information is received by consults with the individual/couple themselves, family members, physicians, support services, and other professionals as indicated.
  3. A complete medical file is created. Diagnoses and medications are researched and confirmed. Medical histories are compiled.
  4. A financial history is completed. Insurance (Health, Long Term Care, etc.) is reviewed. Legal documents including any advance directives are ascertained and referrals made for review or completion of legal documents/services. Finances are reviewed if requested or in the event a client requires budgeting of services.
  5. A social history is established. Review of client’s current social supports. A determination is made as to how to improve an individual’s quality of life.
  6. A thorough evaluation of the current living arrangement, including the need for adaptive devices & environmental modifications, or the move to a different environment or care facility is completed.
  7. An evaluation of an individual’s ability to complete activities of daily living (i.e. shower/bathe, dress, prepare meals, ambulate, etc.).
  8. An evaluation of an individual’s cognitive abilities.
  9. A formal report is compiled from this data with specific recommendations to improve one’s quality of life. The report is provided to the relevant parties and reviewed with them. Referrals to various professionals, services and programs are included in the report, as appropriate.
  10. A plan of care is developed which may include the care manager’s assistance with recommendations/specific projects or ongoing monitoring and assistance, or may be implemented by the family or other professional.
  11. See samples of our patient assessments

Read about the Benefits of a Geriatric Care Assessment.

Although assessing is a vital part of our care planning process, we do not require each client to begin services with our formal assessment package. We will work with you to identify your goals and needs during our intake process when you call and speak to our Community Liaison. Our goal is to serve your family in the way that works best for you.

How do you charge for ongoing services?

Our fee is billed per hour, portal to portal, billed in 6-minute increments. We make every effort to keep our fees as cost effective as possible. You receive a detailed billing statement and we keep case notes about tasks accomplished.

Aging Wisely’s care manager will work with you to determine a course of action. The care manager works with the client and family to establish a budgeted amount of time to be spent with the client on a weekly to monthly basis.

We make recommendations based on your needs and work with you to set a budget for our services. We offer services to meet your needs and to maximize your value by making sure you get the best care possible.

Aging Wisely’s care managers can help you save money in a number of ways. First, we can save you and your family valuable time missed from work or other activities trying to coordinate and provide care. Second, our care managers are experts in the needs of older adults and the community resources and can thus efficiently match you with services and help you to navigate through an often complex system. Finally, our care managers help you to prepare for the future and thus avoid a crisis, which can be costly both monetarily and emotionally. Additionally, because of our experience in the local healthcare community, we can often help negotiate fees and advocate for you to get the maximum services.

Are these services covered by Medicare or insurance?

Currently, these services are not covered by medical insurance, but may be covered under a long-term care insurance policy or Employee Assistance Program. Aging Wisely can assist you in determining coverage and maximizing the benefits of policies.

What geographic area do you serve?

The Greater Tampa Bay area. Aging Wisely currently has active clients in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco counties in Florida. We work with families all across the nation and world. Using phone and video conferencing, we offer eldercare consultations to families when and where it is convenient for you.

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