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Caregiver Care Corner: Loving Y-O-U - Aging Wisely

As we start off the new year, we are taking time to help you focus on Y-O-U…and ways you can show love to your mind and body for a holistically healthy life. Throughout our site and blog, we offer lots of caregiver tips and eldercare resources. We know having good information and knowing where to turn for help is vital. We also occasionally share simple health and stress reduction tips. To start, you may want to read our post about respite options for caregivers, which also includes links to a number of caregiver stress and resource articles.

We recently found a great resource online we’d like to share with you. This presentation, from the Pennsylvania Department on Aging, gives some solid advice for caregiver health. We often hear the same old admonitions, but this presenter offers scientific evidence for the advice and the latest health research. She provides very specific information about sleep, exercise, and diet as well as some good resource links. Some of the information at the end of the presentation references state of Pennsylvania resources, but she also talks about nationwide resources and things that many states offer (to know more about what’s available here in the state of Florida, reach out to us any time!).

So, today, take a little time (this video is about 25 minutes) for Y-O-U by watching this presentation on caregiver health and self-care:

And, don’t forget, we’re here to help YOU!!! Feel free to give us a call at 727-447-5845 or contact Aging Wisely’s advocates online. We can help with anything from respite care to assessments and advocacy for your family. Having a little help from our care team can better equip you in elder caregiving and boost both your own health and that of your loved one. Our Senior Care Consultant, Sue Talbott, can arrange to come out to meet with your family (free of charge) to discuss your needs and concerns.

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