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This week is Active Aging Week! Started in 2003 by the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) this “is an annual event held the last full week of September (prior to October 1, International Day of Older Persons).” Throughout the week, host organizations provide a variety of free activities.

Aging Wisely gladly joins in this effort by sharing some of our favorite tips and resources to help you live a more active life as you age. For us this is an ongoing effort, both through our educational outreach and the direct work we do with professionals, clients and families to help promote aging wisely. Here and on our EasyLiving blog and Facebook communities we share aging wisely tips, inspirational stories and videos about active aging heroes, fitness, and health. Here are a few key tips and resources to get you started:

  • This week also happens to include the first day of fall, designated as fall prevention awareness day. Take time to “fall proof” your home to ensure it’s a safe environment as you age. We also recommend checking out the Aging in Place Technology blog for updates on how technology can help you age-in-place and stay healthy.
  • Set aside time each week for at least one mental and one physical exercise activity. Preferably, you should do both throughout the week, but make sure to schedule time for these activities in your life on a regular basis. Physical activity can be anything from a dedicated exercise program to a daily walk, gardening, or going dancing. Mental exercise means actively using your brain, versus passively watching TV for example. Read a book (maybe on a new topic or genre to challenge yourself or discover something new), solve some puzzles, do some research (actively searching or doing a project on the internet can be good for the brain!), interact with others, take a class, etc. EasyLiving has covered many great activity ideas for seniors over the years: check out Creative Activity Ideas for Seniors and Caregivers and our 2014 Summer Activity Ideas for Elders in Tampa Bay.
  • Communicate your desires for life as you age. Complete advance directives and carefully appoint someone to manage your healthcare and financial needs should you be unable. Talk to your loved ones about your desires and be open to their feedback and the reality. Understand your options (a care manager can help!) and potential costs (so you can prepare ahead, consider long-term care insurance, etc.).
  • Celebrate Active Aging Week with some fun activities! Check your local publications and try something new. Find out what your senior center or community center has to offer. Go outside and visit a new park or local site.

    Give us a call anytime at 727-447-5845 for help with active, healthy aging. We assist you with patient advocacy, caregiver support, and holistic assessments to ensure that age or health does not become a barrier to you living life to your fullest!



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