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Checklist for Aging Parents: Eldercare Family Resource - Aging Wisely

Our Aging Wisely care managers have prepared a quick reference guide and checklist that family members can refer to in order to plan ahead as parents age and as families move through various stages of caregiving and eldercare.

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Preparing Ahead

As loved ones age, there are many things families can do in order to be better prepared.  Two areas are especially important in preparing.  One is communication and opening up discussions about care wishes, needs and any concerns that family members see.  The second is to begin to get organized, which will help you greatly if there is a crisis.

To get started with organization, check out the “document locator list” to locate and organize vital documents, in addition to creating a basic medical history/record and list of key contacts.

First Signs

Our  “Am I in Denial?” handout is a great place to start if you are wondering if you should be concerned about changes in a loved one.  This may also be an ideal time to consider a Caregiver Consultation, to get an independent, professional opinion on steps you can take to be proactive in protecting your loved one’s safety.

Deteriorating Health/Crisis

Aging Wisely is here to help if you encounter a crisis.  You can reach out to us any time for resources or a professional assessment.  When you have taken steps to prepare and have some basic resources/trusted professionals who you can call upon, you will find the crisis much easier to manage.

Is it Time for a Move?

Most seniors say they wish to remain in their own homes as they age (up to 98% in some surveys).  Home care assistance, home modifications and senior support resources can enable elders to age in place.  However, sometimes a transition to a new environment may be the best outcome for a variety of reasons.  It may make sense to have a loved one live closer if there is no local family, or a senior may thrive in an assisted care community.  We share some of the questions that may point to this consideration in our checklist.  Each situation is different and we find many families are surprised by how well a loved one transitions to a new environment, especially with the right planning and support.

As Things Progress

There are many stages to the eldercare/caregiving journey.  As your loved one ages and his or her health status changes, there is an ongoing need to assess how things are going and what other considerations and resources might be needed.  Our checklist gives you some ideas about later life considerations and end-of-life planning.

If you want to discuss your family’s eldercare situation or concerns about an aging parent, contact us for help. We also encourage you to sign up for our monthly email newsletter as a good way to stay educated on eldercare topics such as Medicare, caregiver resources and aging health.

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