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When a family is in need of eldercare services, one of the first places they may go is to the internet to begin a search for options.  There is a lot more information about eldercare on the web than there was just a few short years ago and it can be an especially good place to read about issues, diagnoses, and even hear about others’ experiences.  Social media and blogs are providing additional opportunities for individuals to join communities of other caregivers and share helpful information (or just support/concerns).

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Whether searching on the internet or other methods, navigating through the elder care services and resources can be a challenge.  Families who call us frequently express this frustration, which has led them to the realization that they need to talk with an expert about the specific situation.  Why do families find eldercare consultations and assessments particularly useful? 

  • Time savings: the ability to describe their specific situation and get answers that apply to it (versus wading through inappropriate resources, calling numbers or looking at websites that won’t help them).
  • Cost savings: having someone who can directly answer what care options will cost and what financial assistance the elder might be eligible for or what his or her insurance will cover
  • Answers and recommendations: a care manager will give opinions and share experiences and insider tips (for example, families needing a skilled nursing facility or home health company after a hospital stay are usually given a list of options and they appreciate that a care manager will give them a specific recommendation/opinions on the choices)

When you are facing eldercare concerns or looking for Florida elder care services, consider whether it is time for an eldercare consultation or geriatric care assessment. 

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