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Senior Fitness Tips from Aging Wisely and At Home Fitness

senior fitness

As we said in our post about the secrets to aging wisely, keeping your body as fit as possible is one of the keys to enjoying your latter years. Today, our special guest expert, personal trainer and owner of At Home Fitness, Kelly Carson, shares some great senior fitness tips.


Think of it this way: the more repetitions you do while exercising, the MORE wear and tear on the joint.  The LESS repetitions you do while exercising, the LESS wear and tear on the joint.

You can’t strengthen an arthritic joint by doing more repetitions.  The only way to strengthen an arthritic joint is to get it replaced with a new one!  The idea is to strengthen the muscles that surround the joint.  This will give the joint more support and lessen the workload on it.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your repetitions between 8-20.  If you can’t do eight repetitions, the workload is too heavy.  If you can do more than 20, then the workload is too light.  Weight bearing exercises are also harder on the joints than lying down, or sitting.  If the arthritis is severe, then even less repetitions are needed and isometric exercises are warranted.

Kelly works with many of our Aging Wisely clients on personalized routines that fit their needs. Less is more doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise, just follow these tips to ensure you are helping your body and not hurting it. Some clients have particularly enjoyed exercising in a pool. The right kind of exercise can relieve pain in most cases…check with your doctor and work with a senior fitness expert!


You will need a straight back chair with arms:

  1. Sitting in the chair, get your bottom to the edge with both hands on the arms of the chair.  Now stand up (check out my “nose over toes” tip for safe standing, balance and fall prevention).  Then sit down – slow and controlled, no flopping!  Do 5-10 times, when 10 become easy, go to #2.
  2. Same position- bottom to the edge of the chair with one hand on arm of the chair, other hand across your chest.  Stand up, and then sit down – slow and controlled, no flopping!  Do 5 times with one arm, and then do 5 with the other.  When this becomes easy, go to #3.
  3. Same position – bottom to the edge of the chair, “look ma, no hands”! Both arms across your chest.  Now stand up and then sit down – slow and controlled, no flopping!  Do 5-10 times.  When 10 become easy, go to #4.
  4. Same position – bottom to the edge of the chair, both hands on the arms of the chair.  Now stand up. When you go to sit down, STOP halfway, hold and count ALOUD to 5, then sit down -slow and controlled, no flopping!  Work up to 10 times.

At Aging Wisely, we strive for clients to live the best life possible in their latter years and to assist the entire family system. For us, aging wisely means physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and familial well-being. Sign up for our newsletter for ongoing senior fitness and aging wisely tips and contact us today for customized recommendations!

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