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Senior Safety: Hurricane Preparation Package - Aging Wisely

Hurricane Season Safety for Seniors: Aging Wisely’s Preparation Package

Aging Wisely offers a special service for seniors and individuals with special needs to help them prepare for hurricane season.

Our care managers have developed a hurricane planning procedure over the years of assisting senior clients, and various professional organizations and colleagues have sought their expertise.  This year, we are offering a stand-alone service for individuals and families who wish to have assistance in putting together their plans.

hurricane preparedness for Florida seniors

Natural disasters tend to have bigger impacts on vulnerable individuals, such as those with chronic medical conditions, disabilities or who rely on outside support for daily assistance.  Individuals who are homebound or with limited mobility may also be the least likely to prepare and evacuate due to the challenges involved.  It is vital to recognize the serious impacts natural disasters can have.

To get more information about preparing for hurricanes for someone with special needs, visit Aging Wisely’s “Help for the Elderly in Florida During Hurricane Season” which includes a downloadable checklist for special needs disaster preparedness.

You can reach Aging Wisely at 727-447-5845 for more information or fill out the contact form for senior safety hurricane planning assistance.

Additional Resources for Senior Safety during Hurricane Season in Florida:

EasyLiving’s Senior Safety: Disaster Preparedness Tips for Caregivers

Florida Division of Emergency Management



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