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keys to aging wisely

The Aging Wisely Assessment™ is the key to unlocking the “secrets” to quality of life as one ages. If you are concerned about an aging parent or you are facing health problems yourself, the Aging Wisely assessment is the place to start. Why?

  • In order to make a good plan (and thus take some control over your aging process), everyone involved needs to understand the situation and have a good baseline. The Aging Wisely assessment does much more than gather information on a form. Our expert team created our assessment to address all the key areas that give an accurate picture of what is happening.
  • We uncover vital information that can immediately make quality of life better. This can be as simple as finding out there may be a problem with your medications that is causing you to fall or have memory problems or suggesting some simple home organization changes to make life easier or increase safety. It may be that you’ve been seeing overlapping doctors for the same condition or have conflicting diagnoses. Or, our care manager might notice you are paying too much for medications or you’re eligible for financial assistance with your insurance.
  • The assessment prioritizes what needs to be done now and in the near future. It reduces the stress of eldercare and can help mitigate disagreements.
  • It saves everyone involved valuable time (and money). You and your family don’t waste time pursuing solutions that don’t make sense for you. You get valuable insight into resources and options that make sense based on the situation.

What makes the Aging Wisely Assessment™ different?

  • It is our own proprietary process and format, designed by our founder and care managers, pioneers in the geriatric care management field. Our assessments have been used in court cases and by attorneys, guardians, doctors and other professionals in order to better assist their clients. We didn’t feel that a standard form offered the answers that clients really needed. When you want real answers, don’t settle for less.
  • Our assessment is truly holistic. Aging doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Knowing your diagnoses is only one piece of the puzzle. By gaining an understanding of your entire situation, so we can offer solutions that will actually work.
  • You get actionable suggestions. We don’t just tell you what we found out, we tell you and your family how to go about managing concerns and building upon strengths (with our help, if desired). We give you specific resources to help.
  • Our team of experts! It is the knowledge and experience of our care management team that offers you unique insight and creative solutions.

To learn more about what makes our assessment unique, you may want to read The Aging Wisely Assessment Process and view some sample assessments. Let us know if you have a question we can answer as we share more about Aging Wisely Assessment™.

If you’re curious to know more or discuss your personal situation, take advantage of our free needs analysis today by filling out this form or calling us at 727-447-5845.

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