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Why Getting an Elderly Parent Assessed Might Be a Good Idea - Aging Wisely

geriatric care management assessment coverA lot of families contact us wondering aout getting an elderly parent assessed.  Perhaps “getting your elderly parent assessed” is a bit of a misnomer, as the elder, family and professional take part in a cooperative process to get a picture of the individual situation and solutions that fit.  It is not as simple as an inspection and “diagnosis” but more of a problem solving process with everyone’s involvement.  The process and its outcomes can be beneficial for any family struggling with elder care concerns (or issues related to chronic illness or disability).

A geriatric care management assessment provides a “big picture” of an individual’s (and family’s) situation from a comprehensive perspective, because our lives are comprehensive…not separated in to silos.  An elder’s medical diagnoses themselves do not illustrate much about the person…it is his or her medical conditions, general health, abilities and challenges, support system, life history, belief system and personal strengths that create a picture of the day-to-day situation and should shape any future considerations.

There is a lot of information gathering in the assessment process and the care manager wants to get to know you as well as possible, to make recommendations tailored for you.  However, the care manager is sensitive in trying not to make the process feel like a battery of tests.

The care management assessment brings together the information gathered, the care manager’s professional evaluation, and possible solutions.  This is where the professional geriatric care manager’s expertise really benefits you.  The care manager knows the “ins and outs” of different solutions, so you don’t waste valuable time chasing solutions that won’t work for your family.

What are some of the reasons families feel they benefit from the assessment process?

  • It helps bring the family together-creates cohesion around decisions, offers an outside, professional viewpoint which can often reduce disagreements and uncertainties.
  • It uncovers information and concerns that were previously unknown.
  • It helps them budget and plan for costs of care, future needs, etc.
  • It opens up the conversations about elder care needs and options.
  • They walk away with real solutions.

A lot of people like seeing real examples of patient assessments to get a better idea of what is included–check out Aging Wisely’s geriatric care assessments here.   

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Trying to figure out what questions to ask when you are considering a geriatric care assessment or other care management services?  Grab this handy checklist:


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