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Aging Wisely Advice: Best of 2015

aging wisely advice from 2015

In case you missed them, here are some of our top Aging Wisely advice posts from the past year. As always, we covered an array of news related to caregiving, Medicare and eldercare issues as well as general aging wisely advice and resources. We try to answer questions clients and families frequently ask, and share the wisdom of our expert Aging Life Care Professionals™. In the coming year, we plan to bring you the best aging wisely advice and tips to help take more control of your health and well-being!

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Finding the Right Gifts for Older Loved Ones

Our most read page for 2015 is our Gifts for Seniors page. This page has been consistently popular for many years, and we’ve updated it and added a special gift coupon for our users. We also do seasonal and special needs posts to cover a whole range of options. Linda’s Holiday Gift Ideas have already been incredibly popular…they’re the Oprah’s picks for your older friends (and really good for most any age)! Other popular gift posts include: Gifts for Caregivers and People Facing Illness, Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Gifts for Older Fathers.

Respite Care: Breaks for Caregivers

What Will Respite Care Cost?” was our second most popular post in 2015. This is great news to us as we strive to support caregivers and ensure they get the help they need. Another popular post was “Caregiver Breaks: Do You Know Your Options for Respite?“. If this topic interests you, our EasyLiving team has put together a great checklist to help caregivers prepare for respite care. Use this checklist for a successful respite care experience.

Aging Wisely Advice on Hospital Discharge Planning

There’s been a lot of focus in the medical community about the problem of hospital readmissions for the elderly. Older adults tend to have multiple medical conditions and medications and are prone to complications after hospitalizations or surgeries. Therefore, a post-discharge plan for an older adult needs to be more comprehensive than a simple list of what to take and what to avoid. Many families still find the hospitalization and discharge process overwhelming. Two popular tools we created to help families with the transition are: the Hospital Discharge Planning Checklist for Families and Stroke Rehabilitation and Planning.

Other Popular Resources and Aging Wisely Advice

Eldercare Tools: The Florida Durable Power of Attorney

Sundowner’s Syndrome in Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias

A Daughter’s Experiences in Eldercare: Detailing a client’s two very different experiences caring for aging parents

What is Medicare 2016 Going to Cost Me?

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