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Finding Affordable Senior Care Options: Care Plans & Budgets for Eldercare


Many families and caregivers struggle with affordable care options. How do family caregivers find affordable in home care or assisted living options in Florida? Families caring for elderly and senior loved ones often don’t realize that professional help is available and can make a tremendous difference.

A professional geriatric care management assessment or consultation, like those provided by Aging Wisely, provides guidance that is key to making smart decisions for families as they search for affordable eldercare.

Some of the ways a care manager helps with affordable care plans include:

• Determining potential eligibility for programs and services; helping clients navigate public systems and benefits to maximize what is available to them.
• Creating a care plan and budget of expenses.
• Helping families to analyze different options with budget projections, anticipating hidden or unexpected costs along the way.
• Negotiating costs and contracts for services and suggesting alternatives or creative options.
• Coordinating with specialists and referring to professionals who can bring value.
• Helping families to know where costs can be cut and where it may be more costly in the long run to cut corners or reduce services.
• Negotiating with insurers and providers to maximize covered services.

You may wish to review some of the benefits of our comprehensive assessment and the components of the assessment process and report.

For more tips on affordable Florida home care options, visit our EasyLiving blog post on affordable in home care tips.

We collaborate with many different professional advisors to serve families. By working together, we can ensure a plan that makes best use of the resources available and focuses on quality of life, while being reasonable within the individual’s budget and assets. If you are a professional who works with elder clients and/or caregiving families, contact us to discuss how we can work together to benefit your clients and your practice.

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Benefits of a Geriatric Care Management Assessment


Our most requested service is our assessment. Why do so many people seek an assessment of their eldercare situation?

Family members and professionals struggle with what is best for the elderly person. Having a good picture is key and objective, expert advice is invaluable for senior caregiving or disability situations.

Not every caller we speak to needs our full comprehensive assessment, but we have outlined below how that process works and the benefits. Other clients request individualized consulting services or assessment and resolution of a targeted concern.

The process of an assessment recognizes that to give good guidance and tailored recommendations, the professional geriatric care manager must understand the situation and evaluate different aspects of the person and their environment. Read more information on the components of our comprehensive assessment.

What outcomes can one expect from an eldercare assessment?

• A comprehensive picture of the situation and a solid understanding of current status, future needs and things to anticipate.
• A road map for moving forward, with very specific recommendations that can be carried out by family/responsible party, or with a care manager’s assistance if desired.
• Cost projections, budgets and means of assistance with various recommendations and needs.
• Alternatives so that clients and their responsible parties can prioritize and direct the goals and future care planning.

How does a family or client benefit from Aging Wisely completing a geriatric care management assessment for them?

• COST SAVINGS: expertise to help clients access services and benefits, find less costly options and avoid costly mistakes.
• TIME & STRESS SAVINGS: exponential benefits of our years of experience & expertise, provides more positive outcomes for families.
• IMPROVED FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS/CAREGIVING EXPERIENCE: an objective picture helps families to come to agreement and makes caregiving easier.
• CONFIDENCE: knowing they understand the options and can make the best choices armed with all the information.

Contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our Tampa area geriatric assessments or our nationwide eldercare consulting services.

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